Should we stop watching News Channels and scanning Newspapers?


Whenever I turn on News Channel, I see only disturbing feeds and also news which makes me think where our world is headed, are we headed to disaster, inhumanity and war?. We are in the era where people only get fake news, believe in rumors and make money on these fabricated news which are as violent as bomb.
For peace and tranquility and for human race to survive, should we just stop watching these news channels and newspapers who are just running after money, ruining public peace and playing with their emotions. Should we stop using Social media as there are elements who are fueling hatred and venom against one another.
What do you think?

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Masarrat A Shah
22 months ago

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Masarrat A Shah , provoking question! Would not go that far, but agree that we have to keep up critical thinking and so carefully select our sources of information. This may include for important topics not only to use our regular ones, but also add the additional ones to understand topics from different angles.

Social media is changing, especially younger generations left the big platforms to concentrate on closed groups. This reduces the number of virtual friends to have discussion groups of known peers.

Patrick Henz
22 months ago
Agree with you Patrick Henz, but don't you think we need to make people more and more aware about good and bad news. - Masarrat A 22 months ago
Yes, completely agreed! We need high quality education to foster knowledge and the ability of critical thinking. This includes also the individual's responsibility for continuous learning. - Patrick 22 months ago
Also need a awareness to provoke them not to follow any biased and false news which now a days media channels are preparing.Specially for youngsters it is needed to know the exact depth of the news and don't follow the channels or social media handles which are spreading news on the name of religion ,nationality,politics. - Fact 22 months ago

The headlines has to be catchy, so newsfeeds has to have an impact.Usually, negative and devastating news would be trending, as a part of human nature maybe?
I would still keep on scanning newspapers and watching news over the TV, which is nothing different from what is uploaded in the youtube.
It wouldlet us know of what's happening and it's up to us to filter the contents and how we handle them.

Ferdinand Cuaresma
22 months ago
Catchy, what should they mention catchy if thrs murder or killing? - Masarrat A 22 months ago

If we don't watch/read news outlets, what should we do? Stick our head in the sand? There is unprecedented instability around the world. It might make grim reading at times but I need to feel informed.

David Cottrell
22 months ago
Informed right and truth but not fake and rumours, which is now happening - Masarrat A 22 months ago

The news disruption will occur when everyone and anyone can submit a news story as opposed to the oligarchy paradigm we are now under. It is occuring in small instances, we will see a Facebook, Google, Instagram news channel, but it will not air over the current paradigm and cable, companies will disappear or buy up the companies threatening to disrupt their bottom line.

Yul Anderson
22 months ago

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