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My 18 year old daughter introduced me to "Pillpack" a virtual pharmacy that works with all your doctors prescribing medicine and puts them in simple packets with the time of day you need to take the medications. I am 54, almost in that "young" senior age and found it very innovative. Many of my doctors have never heard of it. This eliminates going to the pharmacy 6 different times for 6 different medications, instead you are delivered the whole thing in packets monthly. What will happen o the pharmacies of today? Does Pillpack have some competition yet? what else could these virtual pharmacies do for us?

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Lorraine Teel, MBA, CPA
2 months ago

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I understand that Amazon has acquired Pillpack. This sent shares in other UK pharmacies tumbling by 10%! We also have Pill Time and Pillbox in the UK. Traditional pharmacies such as Boots will have to 'get on board' or be engulfed by the disruptors.
Linking directly with GPs and accommodating repeat prescriptions should make the wine process seamless.
My concern is that there is already over-prescribing of medicines and this process might encourage this. There's a need for 'checks and balances'.

David Cottrell
2 months ago

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