Port my personal data to competing firms, will you?


In a recent UK government report on competitiveness in the digital economy. rather than advocating the break-up of big tech,companies like Facebook, Apple, Goolgle, Amazon, its author Jason Furman suggests that they be forced to allow consumers to port their personal data to competing firms.
Don't like how Facebook is running things? Simply request that your data be ported to your new social network of choice. I think this is better idea, the way we port our mobile numbers to the service provider of our choice, we can do same here rather than playing with our personal data.
Also, why don't Govt. come up with an audit policy for these companies and verify their algorithms, data etc as they do with banks.
Now, I think is the time to pull the trigger on these companies as they are playing with our data for their benefits and market share.

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Masarrat A Shah
3 months ago

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You could just leave all social media behind.

David Cottrell
2 months ago
How about data which is on these platforms, we cannot just leave that with them, right? - Masarrat A 2 months ago
Too late for that. I believe that users can demand that data be deleted but do we trust it to be done properly? I doubt it. - David 2 months ago
Agree with you, we have created mess of ourselves which we didn't realised earlier as we never knew that this Social Media will take ugliest turn. - Masarrat A 2 months ago

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