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What do most people find as the number 1 way to unplug and reconnect in outdoor living

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stephen Griggs
20 days ago

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The number 1 way for me to unplug and reconnect in outdoor living is to leave my mobile phone at home and fully take in the great outdoors much like I did as a young adult and child when mobile phones didn't exist.

Jim Reszetucha, P.E.,mMBA, CEM, LEED AP BD+C
20 days ago

Going on a half or full day bicycle ride through the Greenway.

Lisa Pattenden
20 days ago

"Digital Detox". Having full times, for example on weekends, without smart phone or any other kind of connections to social media. Ideally using this for local outdoor activities.

Patrick Henz
20 days ago

experience earth-see or work in the flower garden or pots, wind-wind chimes, fire- fire pit or torches.

Elaine Bright
20 days ago

If an individual is fortunate and able to look out at the horizon - the sunrise and sunset fills the eye with beauty. Being at a place that has personal meaning such as the ocean, mountains, or garden can touch us emotionally. Engaging the five senses to reconnect with ourselves and our world on a daily basis is both healthy and healing.

Jennifer Hall, PhD
20 days ago

Stepping away from cell phones and computers and going for a walk through the woods with my dogs. They are so happy to just "be" in the moment and the time spent together is so rewarding and peaceful.

Sherry Granader
19 days ago
Sherry Granader , in Japanese exist a word for "forest bathing": Shinrin- - Patrick 13 days ago
"Forest Bathing" is what I have been doing all these years without realizing it - thank you for the information Patrick. Very interesting reading about the endless health benefits,. Will keep that in mind.. - Sherry 13 days ago

I think some discipline around digital consumption and outside time. Having defined time periods (not too wide) for checking email, texts and whatever data sources one has the most attachment to is essential now with all the data on brain chemistry and the addictive nature of screen interaction. Pair this up with specified outside time with an activity focus (like others have mentioned already). I belong to a gym but before I go to the gym I ask the question - Is there something I can do outside that gives me just as much exercise? Substitute nature for tech wherever possible.

Anthony Jaccarino
13 days ago

The main thing now is we need to disconnect from unnecessary rumors and news. So, mainly what we need to do is :

  1. Stop reading Newspaper in the morning, instead do meditation, listen to nice music and start your day fresh and positive.
  2. Stop Listening to News Channels where you only see fabricated news, most of the channels are Govts. Puppets and show you what they want you to believe.
  3. Digital Detox, very important. Go out in nature and see how beautiful the world is.
  4. Stop making kids, children to use online gaming, these games are worst enemies of our kids and society.

So, happy living and Peace.

Masarrat A Shah
12 days ago

Out in the garden, wrist deep in the soil. Chasing squirrels if they try to eat the heads from my tulips. Thinking about the taste of my fruit and veg just going into the garden now.
Get by the sea and breathe in the ozone. Eat an ice cream, paddle in the sea.
See, we managed a whole day without emails and mobile phones.It can be done!

David Cottrell
10 days ago

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