Banking with Alexa or Google Home


Banking with Alexa or Google Home is going to be a reality. How useful it can be ?

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Hitesh Mathpal
8 months ago

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Google can do voice recognition with a new layer of security

Paolo Beffagnotti
8 months ago

I've managed for a long time without it. What benefit does it really bring?

David Cottrell
8 months ago
Yes. This is a toy only. - Maya 6 months ago

I’m sure this will only be ‘useful’ for the millennials. I do not see the older generations adopting, out of a fear of loss of identity or fraud. Is the ease of banking really worth the security risks for persona financial information?

Susan Canfield
8 months ago

It has Pros and Cons, mainly cons and the main reason is the Security, I don't feel that we still have higher grade of security which can take care of financial matters through Alexa or Google. We may for a min say yes the companies are taking all the measures for heightened security, however consumer is not very confident, at-least I am not. Technology is evolving and its great, but risk is at its back too.

Masarrat A Shah
8 months ago

For me this looks fancy, however, it doesn't solve anything big.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
7 months ago
True :) - Hitesh 6 months ago

This is a cool to have feature in my opinion. However - is this something that is really required for banking ? Though, with great risk of security issues Banking with Alexa/Google Home doesn't sound very promising.

Charu Gulati
6 months ago
Agree. Doesn't change anything. - Maya 6 months ago

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