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Whenever I work remotely or I work from home office, I have been more productive and focused as compared to be at office. Now, why I feel so is because at work we tend to have more distractions (talking to colleagues, going for tea/cafe breaks etc), but at home office you are just with you lappy and work. Most of the companies around the globe do support working from home or remotely and also encourage employees to go for it. But there is a drawback also, it can be related to wifi, power outage, kids etc issues at home which affects your work. So, how should we balance this type of work culture, should companies be more open to this or should they encourage centralized work culture at one place. Does working from remote affect the collabration and team bonding?

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Masarrat A Shah
14 months ago

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In general, I agreed. But, of course, it depends. If employees are responsible then they should have the opportunity. They are more efficient and also it is a sign of respect from the employer towards the employee.

Of course it has to be analyzed if it is beneficial for the job-position, for example they employee requires regular human contact.

Hybrid models are effective. If needed, the employee can be office, if not, working from home. This reduced also costs, as the office only needs to offer space for, let's say, 80% of the total employees.

Patrick Henz
14 months ago

You don't state how frequently you work from home. It takes real discipline to work alone for a long time. There are as many (but different) distractions as in the office.

David Cottrell
14 months ago
There are, agreed! Some side-effect, various studies confirm the positive effect of your dog at the work-place. This can be easier implemented at the home-office than in a conventional office. - Patrick 14 months ago
I've known some dogs that could deliver better work than their owners! - David 14 months ago
:) - Patrick 14 months ago
Agree that it takes real discipline and is not for everyone over the long term. - Anthony 14 months ago

Remote work is becoming a big trend among large, fast-growing companies, especially in cities characterized by high rental market where sqm (or sqft) are expensive and simply adding floors is not a solution.

This shift can lead employees to explore new ways of working. Instead of working at your own desk or in your office, you are encouraged to perform different tasks in different spaces, including your own living room or a cafe. I personally cannot focus at home when I have to collaborate (via Skype) or do data analysis, but can use my sofa to proofread drafts and presentation decks. A coworker of mine claims to be more focused at home and he would love to have a double monitor system to be even more productive without coming to the office.
Ultimately, it’s a matter of giving employees a variety of choice and - in some instances - encouragement to work outside of the office.

Moving from pure-office work to remote work requires a tailored approach that starts with understanding an organization’s culture and vision, as well as an investigation into quantitative and qualitative data. It’s not an easy process, but it works very well to bring about an effective organizational change.

Aurelio David
14 months ago

There was a lot of interest in the "open office workspace" that now seems to have died down and many people did not like it. I think remote work is great provided you have alignment with key factors such as: type of work, skill level, supervisory situation, tools, ability to connect when needed to name a few. I think there is a risk to an organization deploying a high percentage of remote workers in that they may not capture some of that collaborative, innovative problem solving. On the individual side I think it is essential that an honest assessment is made regarding personality type, temperament and work style. People who need "high touch" will likely lose energy and focus over time and become less effective. Perhaps there is a business opportunity here for one of those assessment management consultancies.

Anthony Jaccarino
14 months ago

To me, work remotely from time to time is helpful to arrange other activities that you can't do if being at the office. And according to my experience, even when interrupting to do something else, at the end of the day I didn't work less, maybe I just followed a different time organization. However, as someone already mentioned, it is all about employees responsibility. You can have several but different distractions both at home or at the office.

Paolo Beffagnotti
14 months ago
Paolo, if we are working remotely it has to be work time or office time. Can you exolain what do you mean by "other activities". ? - Masarrat A 14 months ago
yes, maybe I work from home because during the day a need a bit of personal time off. Basically I stick to the office time, just if having 1h out, I extend my working time in the late afternoon/evening - Paolo 14 months ago

How should we balance this type of work culture, should companies be more open to this or should they encourage centralized work culture at one place.
Be dedicated, have a protected time to work without distractions as if you were also in the office setting, so you can accomplish what is expected within the time allotted and the quality desired of. Likewise, have the necessary connectivity - Wi-Fi and back ups for power outage

Does working from remote affect the collaboration and team bonding?
I don't think so. Collaboration can be done by video conferencing. And just like any relationships, being distant can make you closer.

Christine Hope Cuaresma
13 months ago
Christine you are right, it depends on the attitude of an individual, and how much accountablity and responsiblity he/she owns. - Masarrat A 13 months ago
will fall in place. - Masarrat A 13 months ago

i agreed. An In-office culture with flexible working policies become more trendy. It's becoming increasingly common for companies to maintain a physical office space but also allow employees to occasionally work from home. As long the productivity is the same. I believe it should not be a matter whether work in a remote place or office as long u can get the job done in the given time.

Adrian Minh
13 months ago
Agree with you, it boild down to whether the work is done or not. And moreover, companies need to build trust factor on employees if giving an option of working remotely. - Masarrat A 13 months ago

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