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For creating good work environment, do you agree to create committed employees and to characterize their leadership style to be with following attitudes? By adopting this can company or organization success and production increase?

  • to listen intently
  • to be genuine, even when upset
  • to set clear, reasonable and measurable objectives
  • to take the time to explain why
  • to operate by emphasizing the positives
  • Constructive about the negatives
  • to hire and groom talent who can be better than oneself

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Er Jangyadutta D
30 months ago

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If you want someone to do something for you, always start with the 'why'.
I also believe that managers should have an objective to develop their team, so that they might take up senior roles elsewhere in the company.
Be yourself and your people will respond. Roll your sleeves up and show you will do everything that you ask of them and they will follow you.

David Cottrell
30 months ago

Aunt add:

  • can do attitude - resourceful problem solver
  • active listening and flexible enough to change their mind before a better argument from someone
  • able to navigate change and lead his/her team through change (especially relevant in today’s business environment)
  • lets not forget about the technical skills needed to have results in whatever department they are responsible for. The team needs to percieve their leader as competent and as someone you can learn from.
Anamaria Dorgo
30 months ago

I think that the types of things you list are what companies cal their Values. These are usually figured out in group sessions with the executives after also getting clear on the company mission and vision. Once you know what the company wants to accomplish and the niche it wants to occupy in the market, the executives (and sometimes with help from the employees) can choose the values/behaviors that they expect from employees so that they will reach their goals and accomplish their mission.

Ellen Raim
30 months ago

The most important is to understand toward where the company is going. After analyzing which are the means you need to get there. Obviously people are one of the most important part. For me, is important to have the profiles that match with the values and the purpose of the company but at the same time is necessary a mix of profiles, this brings more value to the job. And important not to forget that flexibility, curiosity, motivation and engagements are key nowadays.

Daniela Girniceanu
30 months ago

An open and efficient work atmosphere is a complex topic, so I find it hard to break it down to bullet points, Nevertheless two points are imperative (as base):

  • Respect in the treatment of the employees, This includes behavior, but also salary.
  • Purpose. Employees are adults and want to understand where the business is going to and how this is aligned to themselves.
Patrick Henz
30 months ago

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