We are seeing lot of Managers around and trying to push limits for making sure that the business is running and client is satisfied, should we call him leader too. So, lets explore how is Manager different from a Leader, what makes a Manager into a Leader?

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Masarrat A Shah
23 months ago

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Corporate trainings often like to quote the Austrian-born management consultant and philosopher Peter Ferdinand Drucker with “Managers do things right; leaders do the right thing.

In fact he never said this that way, but defined in 1967: “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” It was nearly 20 years later when Warren G. Bennis y Burt Nanus took this phrase and simplified it to the version, we know today. A key message is that leadership not requires management level, so could be done also from the middle or the bottom. This is important for our modern flexible company structures, where the project groups change from situation to situation.

But nevertheless is this really enough, should the sentence not get extended, as we need mangers, which are leaders, or in other words “do the right thing right”?

Even if you have the best intentions, if the execution of the project is not adequate, results can be fostering the problem, instead of solving it. No need to say that bad ideas, perfectly executed are even worse.

For this mangers require relevant business ethics and sustainability trainings, but on the other hand leaders have to be identified and receive adequate management skills.

Pushing limits is a part of leadership, but it depends on the limit. Employees can not work more than 100%. Limits may be drawn by laws. Of course, a leader should not pass such red lines, including motivate employees to do so.

Patrick Henz
23 months ago

Leadership isn't a position or title. It's action and example.
I've also heard 'leadership' described as the Chief Direction Officer.

David Cottrell
23 months ago
Great leadership comes from requirements by whom we inspired, dominant, empathetic, innovative and visionary, among others. - Er Jangyadutta 22 months ago
True. A person can lead from any position and carry leadership qualities into any role. - Anthony 22 months ago

Leadership proves marketing leaders the most successful  by which  others are developed over time. When leaders bring their best selves to work for their staff and clients, success is sure to follow. 

Er Jangyadutta D
22 months ago
Do you really think Leaders are made overtime, I doubt. let me be honest in present envirnment we lack Leaders, we see all around Managers, why managers because everyone is managing the product or business but they lack vision - Masarrat A 22 months ago
In fairness most organizations have structured the leadership DNA out of their jobs and groups. Everything is more specialized now and there is strong push to "stay in your lane" which is a nice way of saying shut up and do your job. By their nature leaders go outside those lines. - Anthony 22 months ago

A Manager is just that..someone who manages the entire operation of his/her responsibility. They strive to hit their goals in customer service, finances and operational improvements. A leader inspires a team to excel together through example and coaching. The role is constant in terms of employee focus and they strive to ensure each team member is functioning to their highest level and constantly raising the bar of performance. This includes regular coaching sessions to ensure each employee is involved and part of that team. Company goals will excel through this style of leadership and success will always follow. Even in downturns, the team evolves, discusses and adapts to deal with issues under a competent leader.

David Follett
22 months ago
Agreed, both, management- and leadership-skills can be thought and learnt. - Patrick 22 months ago

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