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Technology advancement has help to reshape the health care such as the incooperation of Artificial intelligence and Mechanical learning. However, what are the other new data analytics or data base system could prove helpful in the health care services (both monetary and medicine). What are the vital sources of data needed to improve the healthcare related monetary processes?

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Lawrence Loy
5 months ago

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Specific to the managed care model, there is plenty of opportunity to Improve internal audit capabilities, merge utilization management systems used for claims/payment and care management systems used by the clinicians/providers managing the care. This would improve visibility across the spectrum of care as well as operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Lori Williams
5 months ago

Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning are the big data tools that can be used in medicine/health care field. It is vital because they can accurately calculate the seriousness of the sickness, possibility to heal, and the best medicine to cure the patients. For instance, Medicine A could kill the germs or bacteria up to 98% meanwhile medicine B can only kill the bacteria up to 70.9%. The accuracy of all this tools can help the doctor judgement on giving out the medicine However, this technologies are still in infant level and much research need to be carried out. The way forward is to fill in the gap between the future tech and this tools through in depth research.

Adrian Minh
4 months ago
Well said. AI does helps to provide a 2nd opinion for the physician where by aiding the doctor judgement on the clinical case. - Lawrence 4 months ago

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