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Here it is with an interesting overview of the 2018 results,
Data and privacy defined last year having GDPR had a big impact even if technically limited to Europe. As a results of this, Facebook has lost popularity and reputation. The topic quit Facebook is more and more popular over the web. On the other side Instagram is ramping up and Linkedin is still considered as the most valuable social. Google+ is over.
Which trends could we have this year? Will privacy still lead the discussions?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
23 months ago

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Privacy will eventually give way to other considerations. I think the quality of interaction on social networks will be the next main focus. How do people "talk" to each other, issues of rapid polarization on controversial topics, quality of digital only relationships and the impact all of these things have on an individual's quality of life once they are offline are all due for serious examination.

Anthony J
23 months ago

Agreed that privacy will not be a big issue for many unless you hold a very influential/powerful/well known status where social media will be have a great impact on your reputation. Any way Social network such as face book and Instagram are one of the ways where many use to connect with each other, fostering relationships, updates but also acquiring new knowledge.

Lawrence Loy
23 months ago

I think it is too early to say good-bye to Facebook. But I perceive that its importance is fading a bit. For younger generations it is not hip anymore. They prefer platforms which offer private groups. Discussions online, but with people who have importance in their real world, like personal friends and family.

Patrick Henz
23 months ago

Well, when social network boom started we had never imagines that there is something called theft of your privacy, people were so happy and excited about this new platform where we starting finding our lost friends, new friends and so on. I remember the days of Orkut, but what these social platforms did is jeopardizing our data, our real personal data to other entities for their benefit. We will never heard about Social Security or introduction of GDPR if such theft would have not happened. I blame first companies whether FB, Google, Microsoft or any other social app and then the user who is actually revealing the personal data. We need more strict regulations and GDPR is the best thing which has been introduced by EU. Moreover, people start to bycott the apps or social platforms which steal their data.

Masarrat A Shah
23 months ago

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