Ultra-thin self-adhesive displacement sensors → harness our technology for sleep related therapy.


Hello group,

we are developing a "Second Skin"-type sensor technology to measure displacement with hyper accuracy.
In the context of this group's focus, we have looked into:

1 Breathing
We have performed preliminary tests which proved capabilities to:

  • measure thorax displacement with such sensitivity that superimposed on the breathing graph we simultaneously measure heart rate.
  • measure the thorax/diaphragm balance during the breathing process
  • measure difference in lower/upper section of the left/right lobes

2 Mattress
We developed a self-adhesive concept to be applied to stretchable fabrics. The "sticker"-like sensors can be applied cold & without any preparation and behave very much as a (hot) laminated substrate.
Displacements of the mattress can be monitored for any zone of interest.

3 Body positions
Further to the breathing parameters other sleep related parameters can be logged such as the spine position or joint dynamics.

We are looking for potential partners to harness our technology for sleep related therapy.

Test kit available @

Kind regards.

Patrick Van De Vyver
CEO Bainisha

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Patrick Van De Vyver
3 months ago

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