When does a boy become a man?


A 16 year old boy has just been convicted for the abduction, rape and murder of a 5 year old girl. He will be incarcerated for many years but, because he is deemed a minor, he will serve time in less strict prisons. Is this right? Does an 'adult' crime deserve to be matched with equivalent punishment, regardless of age?

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David Cottrell
23 months ago

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A 16 year old boy who is convicted for the abduction, rape and murder of a 5 year old girl could do much more as he advances in age and perfects his strategies. Hence, he should be subjected to the highest level of incarceration to ensure he will never attempt it again in his life. It will also ensure that other young boys do not indulge in it. My humble submission

Angela Daniel
23 months ago
Angela Daniel Humble and I agreed fully with your assessment. - David 23 months ago
ASK the VICTIM? - Dr. David E. 23 months ago
She's not around any more in this particular case but in general, this is a good option. - David 23 months ago
Metaprorical and Literal - Dr. David E. 23 months ago

Rather than the emotional argument (revenge!!), there are also legal circumstances that would compel a judge to try a minor in adult court:

EG I found on this page:

Factors that might lead a court to grant a waiver petition and transfer a juvenile case to adult court include:

  • The juvenile is charged with a particularly serious offense.
  • The juvenile has a lengthy juvenile record.
  • The minor is older.
  • Past rehabilitation efforts for the juvenile have been unsuccessful.
  • Youth services would have to work with the juvenile offender for a long time.

Surely there is more to be found for both sides of the pond.

IMHO, the crime you describe definitely checks the first of those. Perhaps (but don't know from your description) some more from that list are applicable as well.

Bart Groenewoud
23 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 23 months ago
The boy has been found guilty. There was little to suggest he was capable of such a crime as he had no previous record. My issues is with the prison time he has to serve. Adult prison or juvenile centre? - David 23 months ago
I read that "The boy, who faces detention without limit of time, will be sentenced on 21 March." It stands to reason he will not serve all of that time in juvenile detention. He will undoubtedly go to adult incarceration at least at some point, perhaps straight away. That would get my vote. - Bart 23 months ago
Interesting - Dr. David E. 23 months ago

What I am seeing is a Boy above age of 12 is mature enough to think what is right and what is wrong. Our Social Media and other media like Netflix has induced the sense of maturity in our younger boys and they know it, So, when a Boy commits crime that also he is 16, there should not be any leniency, treat him as adult and subject him to hard punishment. By doing this we are creating example for rest to think twice before committing such a heinous crime.

Masarrat A Shah
23 months ago
Masarrat A Shah The link to Netflix is a good point. Murder and mayhem as standard. - David 22 months ago
Absolutely David Cottrell, people say why don't parents put childlock, serioulsy do kids buy it. :) - Masarrat A 22 months ago

This touches on the root issue of prison as punishment or rehabilitation. If punishment is the focus it is more or less implied that rehabilitation is not a goal. Such a view would suggest the boy's horrendous acts be dealt with harshly and as an adult. If coming out of a rehabilitative mindset you look at circumstantial data and try to assess if this boy salvageable or not. If deemed salvageable then you have go trial as minor and send to juve jail as any time in the big house will be self fulfilling prophecy regarding his rehab. Some call it "gladiator academy."

Anthony J
23 months ago
  • When a boy knows his responsibilities towards his family.
  • When a boy knows how difficult is earning money to sustain a family.
  • When he lives for his family not for him.
  • When he understands the exact value of hard work done by his parents to make him as where he is.

Please comment down below you thoughts and suggestions.

Fact DNA
22 months ago
Fact DNA Excellent rules to live by. I wonder how many boys/young men do? - David 22 months ago
David Cottrell true.. this is the true reality of our society. - Fact 22 months ago

The case presented is more of liability for a crime. Age can be a mitigating factor when the perpetuator of the crime does not have knowledge that what he has done is wrong or does not know the severity of the crime committed.
Laws (I think) differ from one place to another when it comes to age, as who shall incur full criminal liability, when mitigating because of the concept of level of maturity in understanding the consequences of one's action,as such is clearly stipulated in the laws.

Ferdinand Cuaresma
22 months ago

Hola, Creo que para un niño sea un hombre es cuestion de maduracion de su pensamiento, no es tanta la edad, ni nada. Solo que hay personas de 27 que son niños de cerebros todavia..

tecasoft2 Salas
22 months ago

Simply when he understands himself that what to do and what not to. Even if a matured man are committing such crimes but not everyone who has that ability to understand himself what's good or bad.

23 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 23 months ago
Yes - Er. P.Das 23 months ago
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1.      When he knows success will open doors that even the best pick up lines cannot.
2.     When heartbreaks don't bother him anymore.
3.     When he stops chasing girls and instead chases his goals.
4.     When he stops emptying pockets for a girl who will eventually leave him.
5.     When he studies, and becomes career oriented.
6.     When he understands, nothing stays and accordingly sets friendships.
7.     When he starts respecting individuals on basis of their character.
8.    When he gives less efforts about stupid things.
9.     When he understands the value of money.

Er. P.Das C
23 months ago
Nice poem; thanks - Dr. David E. 23 months ago
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When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. - Dr. David E. 23 months ago
Do you think this was a poem? - Er. P.Das 23 months ago
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