Are American Doctors Now Members of the Middle Class?


The middle class Marketers target it. Politicians champion it. Economists talk about it.  Financial Advisors want to serve it. Most of us consider ourselves part of it.

Yet, when I’ve asked for a clear definition, I have not found anybody yet that really can tell me what “middle class” is. 

And, are doctors part of it in the domestic US healthcare system?

Any thoughts?



Dr. David E. M
16 months ago

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Here's a good article that outlines the financial parameters of the middle class (2017) Seems like Family Medicine docs would be in the upper end of the middle class and specialists would be in the lower part of the upper class.

Roy Vartabedian, DrPH, MPH
16 months ago
For me, defining middle class with such a broad income range just raises more questions than it answers. - Dr. David E. 16 months ago
First of all, the same income that will provide a comfortable middle-class lifestyle in a place like Atlanta won’t necessarily do the same in San Francisco or Boston. - Dr. David E. 16 months ago
"Middle class" is definitley not the "American Dream." - Roy 16 months ago
And to complicate things further, Gallup polls have shown that most Americans think anyone with a net worth of $1 million is rich. Yet having $1 million when you retire will generate a secure lifetime income of $30,000. So the net worth that we define as wealthy provides an income that we define as barely middle class. - Dr. David E. 16 months ago
Yeah, especially with interest rates at 2%! - Roy 16 months ago
HA! Good one! - Dr. David E. 16 months ago
Thanks - Dr. David E. 16 months ago
Wow. Very interesting article and well done. Thanks David! - Roy 16 months ago
U R welcomed - Dr. David E. 16 months ago

I agree, its a complicated thing. One article -
The best part of the article is " If you use summer as a noun, she says, you are poor or middle class. If you use it as a verb, you are upper-class. Works for me."

Hitesh Mathpal
16 months ago
HA = I like it - many thanks - Dr. David E. 16 months ago
Nice article. Summer is a noun :) - Charu 16 months ago
Thanks - Dr. David E. 16 months ago

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