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Market is dominated by Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud and Mircrosoft Dynamics for CRM. But still a lot of investment, time and money is being spent on customizing enterprise CRMs. What are the top things that you want to have in your ideal CRM. What are your pain points with existing CRM systems.

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Customer relationship management (CRM)
Hitesh Mathpal
44 months ago

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Something like that

Charu Gulati
44 months ago
Healthcare CRM, also known as Healthcare Relationship Management, is a broadly used term for a Customer relationship management system, or CRM, used in healthcare. There are two basic types of healthcare CRMs, one is for a healthcare organization to stay in contact with their patients, the other is for a healthcare organization to stay in contact with referring organizations. - Dr. David E. 44 months ago
Agreed - Hitesh 44 months ago
Thank you kindly - Dr. David E. 44 months ago

My wishlist ( other than standard features of a CRM)

For Sales

  1. Sales automation for calls, SMS and IM.
  2. Built in social integration with real time analytics.
  3. Built-in call plugins, voice analytics, text to speech.
  4. Smart follow back tool ( with smart filtering)
  5. Project management integrations ( CR etc) in revenue.
  6. Smart workflow ( Or workflow orchestration from other sales tool)

For Developers

  1. Serverless architecture.
  2. Cloud SDK and IDEs.
  3. No propitiatory language and a microservice theme.
  4. REST API builder with zero coding ( for custom use cases as well)

Hitesh Mathpal
44 months ago
Well explained about the extra features which are very helpful from a company prospective. - Er. 44 months ago
How costly are the "extras"? - Dr. David E. 44 months ago
So far, these are few of the customizations or value additions that customers mostly request for. Some of them are too ambitious, but that;s the future. - Hitesh 44 months ago
Of course - Dr. David E. 44 months ago
Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA These "extras" are very costly sometimes. Cost also depends on the infrastructure, current implementation, existing userbase etc. Also these plugins are full softwares in themselves and cost accordingly ( sometimes $100K to $500K). - Hitesh 44 months ago
I have experienced same - Dr. David E. 44 months ago
Yes, customization is even costly. And, it goes even more deep when you look for cross platform integration. You integrate your home grown sales system with CRM , the cost shoots up. - Charu 44 months ago
Absolutely correct - Dr. David E. 44 months ago


Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers.

The CRM approach tries to analyze data about customers' history with a company, in order to better improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on retaining customers, in order to drive sales growth.

Dr. David E. M
44 months ago

It is company portal is approach through company can able to manage all interactions with client.

Most important modules of CRM

  • Transaction
  • Account
  • Sales
  • Sales Analytics
  • Lead Management

Er. B
44 months ago
Good list - solid - Dr. David E. 44 months ago
But these are available in almost all the CRMs, Do you not customize your CRM for additional modules - say sales tracking, VoIP etc ? - Hitesh 44 months ago
Definitely we will modify the crm accordingly to company requirements. But some modules which are very common among all the companies like sales and marketing, Account.etc . Specially in account lots of time company doesn't,t want any changes. - Er. 44 months ago
Modifications may be costly. - Dr. David E. 44 months ago
Thats true .If company has a requirement which really impacts on their business and profit as well.In this scenario it is better to invest on CRM.Always need to compare both investment in CRM and profit you will get from this service,then you will figure out should you invest or not. - Er. 44 months ago
It is called: Cost Profit Volume Analysis = C.V.P.A - Dr. David E. 44 months ago

Lead conversion matrix
APIs to convert unstructured data to structured data
Advanced querying using Data intelligence
Predictive analytics on closure of pipeline accounts
Regular sync up with the mobile devices

Anand V
44 months ago
Please explain this in details which will make this answer more understandable. - Er. 44 months ago
Building deep learning algorithms for lead conversion using predictive algorithms. We need to go deep dive to understand the customer behaviour more from unstructured data and conversion to structured data for prospecting. Filter querying with more depth to get the business insights and help have analytics layer built on top of this. All this features are mobile enabled for ready recknor - Anand 44 months ago
For faster business decision making - Anand 44 months ago
Great thought...CRM is key of business So we need to put as much as effort to make this application working for company perfectly. Through which company will see a great future ahead. - Er. 44 months ago
Sure; for cheap, products and quantity. - Dr. David E. 44 months ago
Not for deep cognitive sales or professionals services - Dr. David E. 44 months ago
Interesting. Thanks Anand. - Hitesh 44 months ago
AGREE WITH THANKS,. as well - Dr. David E. 44 months ago

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