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what will be the future of Cloud Technology/Cloud Computing ?

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Er. B
19 months ago

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Cloud computing is the future. I think enterprise IT is the main key. In future more enterprise systems will be in cloud. Still today , enterprise IT is not very fast on cloud.

Also, we should see more SaaS platforms in future.

In terms of technology I think followings are some area which should act important in future -

  1. Serverless Computing
  2. NoSQL based DB
  3. ML powered AI platforms

Hitesh Mathpal
19 months ago
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Thanks for your answer Hitesh. So informative.great work please keep it up. - Er. 19 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 19 months ago
Cloud technologies are highest adopted technology in digital enterprises as clouds empower team to provision new application servers and infrastructure whenever required latest cloud platforms coming up digital business easily make things work for their IT infrastructure. - J N Das 19 months ago
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Yes, thanks David. - Hitesh 19 months ago
U R welcomed - Dr. David E. 19 months ago

Machine learning is taking over the discussions for digital transformation to develop machine learning to a certain stage where without any human intervention things go smooth. The data science has been building future on these stepping stones through machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

J N Das
19 months ago
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In my view cloud technology has a great feature in the education industry. why because nowadays the cloud technologies like aws and azure are ruling in the market. they are also offering a great features too. so those who are looking on cloud technologies azure training and aws training are very easy to build their carrer in cloud environment

gautham kumar
14 months ago - gautham 14 months ago

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