Is Netflix and other streaming services will finish dish TV ?


With rapid speed of internet and with services like Netflix and other streaming services - do you think that TV/ Dish TV business is going to die soon ?

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Charu Gulati
52 months ago

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Yes - But not so soon!

Dr. David E. M
52 months ago
I agree. - Hitesh 52 months ago

Yes. Also, dish TV services are more expensive and sometimes unreasonable in their offers. Internet streaming is the future for all kind of entertainment.

Hitesh Mathpal
52 months ago
But, Blue Ray quality is still better than streaming - Dr. David E. 52 months ago
Yes,I think in next five years when we have more downloadable speed ( say 5G) - we can have content like 4k streaming etc. Internet streaming gives you choice over content and this is the key, - Hitesh 52 months ago
Perhaps - Dr. David E. 52 months ago

I think TV has been evolving for quite sometime and this is just the next step. We went from 3 channels with commercials to 1000's without to 1000's with. What every happened to that commercial free experience by paying for tv?

I think dish tv will be relegated to areas that can't get internet service and streaming will continue to grow as we see everyone from movies to traditional broadcast trying to find a niche. I think TV sets will be intact, but will continue to adapt to the new environment.

Darryl Glover
52 months ago
YEP - already have smart TVs - Dr. David E. 52 months ago

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