Will you leave FACEBOOK?


What-Up with your Facebook account?

The hashtag #DeleteFacebook is trending on Twitter.

People are furious, and they have good reason to be. Data from over 50 million Facebook users was used to target voters and influence the 2016 US presidential election, as well as the 2016 “Brexit” referendum.

So - Will you leave FACEBOOK?
YES -or- NO?

Dr. David E. M
5 months ago

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I will not leave Facebook for this reason for sure. When you are on social media you know you are on "SOCIAL MEDIA". How can you expect complete privacy in such networks? It's an individual's responsibility to choose and use this wisely. 
Well, there are several other reasons that I may leave Facebook one day though :)

Hitesh Mathpal
4 months ago
Interesting - DITTO for medical records, I suppose? - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Agree with your points. For mdedical records - you mean keeping medical records online ? If this is the case - I would say YES, - Maya 4 months ago
NOPE - hunreds of millions of data breaches, already - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA Agree. - Charu 4 months ago
Thanks - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
I gues I am not SOCIAL - and I dont really care - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

No - I have a business account that I use and facebook is amazing value for social media marketing.
What I do see a trend where people are not sharing as much on facebook due to the issues with privacy.

Margaret Mitchell
5 months ago
Seems reasonable. - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
business account = even more reason to leave? - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Why not start your own - and control -website, blog, etc - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
I think that value for businesses is not as good as it seems and will only decline in future. - Anthony 4 months ago
Agreed about FB - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

The UK Parliament wants to regulate Facebook.
So does everybody else.

The UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee called Facebook a “digital gangster” — but it’s not the only group of regulators out for blood.

It is just getting worse for FB.
Any thoughts?

Dr. David E. M
4 months ago
Yes it is following discussions on privacy and data. UK is very strict and tough with digital, it will not be an easy game - Paolo 4 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
The regulations might actually make it better for those who stay. - Anthony 4 months ago
I regulate myself - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
More than the UK parliament, the local police is taking care of Facebook - Paolo 4 months ago
So far - so good - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
and probably shortly other governamental organizations too - Paolo 4 months ago
DITTO - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

It will not affect me, anyways.
I would only be sorry for the photos and videos that would remind me of the past years.
The problem is that it is already a common knowledge that FB and probably other social accounts have privacy issues, yet others do not learn nor guard their privacy. It takes two to tango.

Edna Cuaresma, MD, LlB
4 months ago
Agreed; sadly - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
You make the case for being an informed consumer of any social media platform. - Anthony 4 months ago
Exactly - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Yes true - RUPAK 4 months ago

No - I realise many benefits from using facebook and as long as those continue to exist, I will remain. Benefits in my case are - ability to get updates of people in my network, ability to get trending information, ability to maintain a connect with people in my network, and more.

As an individual, you are responsible for what you share and consume on facebook.

As a governing body responsible for a population, the perspective on facebook could be different. Here you have to factor for people who are not responsible enough, or sensible enough on facebook. I'd happily move on if legislation kills/blocks facebook.

Thushar Kumar
4 months ago
Interesting - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Agree with all points. - Anthony 4 months ago
Thanks - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Well said - Er. P.Das 4 months ago
DITTO - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Perfect - RUPAK 4 months ago

Ready to go
I seldom post, I seldom browse. I hate the trackers and ad pop-ups.
When a significant notification pops out such as events in my inner circle, or a product interests me that's the time I look into my account. I call the person, ( I prefer to have at least a personal touch).
I am also aware of privacy issues that are breached.
What is posted will be made public even if it is limited to friends because they can share it by other means.
I remember my friendster account was not backed up and it did not affect me.

Ferdinand Cuaresma
4 months ago
Nice treatise - thanks - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
use Tor and its plugin and DuckDuckGo to avoid traking - Paolo 4 months ago
TOR - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Thank you for sharing, . I am not that e techie, but I should be able to learn. . Thank you again - Edna 4 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

I want to leave Facebook for a multitude of reasons but the sad truth is that FB provides a useful service and a one click mechanism to connect with a complex social group that might otherwise take a lot of time. I remember the conversations of people wanting to get off Windows platform because of disdain for Microsoft's tactics. Clearly most did not and I suspect the same will apply here.

Anthony Jaccarino
4 months ago
Fair point - Bart 4 months ago
Agree - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
MSFT provides goods and services = FB advertiser driven - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
True enough but when the internet took off they had the whole Internet Explorer controversy. A similar if not exact dynamic. Before Windows 95 there was no digital advertising to speak of. - Anthony 4 months ago
YEP - code named CHICAGO - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
what an evolution from Chicago to Midori :-) - Paolo 4 months ago
HA! - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

There is always two sides of the same coin. In this case Facebook which on one hand is a easy way of communication and getting in touch with people on the other hand also it is becoming a element to break family relationships. Recently, social networking sites are being blamed for marital discords due to lack of trust. But then responsibilities lies with the user. Knife was not invented to cut the throat. No one can change your ethics, belief and culture without your own agreement.

Er. P.Das C
4 months ago
Well said! - Paolo 4 months ago
NYC linesss.... - RUPAK 4 months ago
DITTO - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

No, it is a good channel to keep connecting with people not living around you. We know about the risk of sharing information, nothing new with this.

Paolo Beffagnotti
5 months ago
I am not on FB - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
Nothing new until - it is - YOU - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
However I won't leave Facebook, just use it to share something not important - Paolo 4 months ago
Agreed; FB is becomming trivial- - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
right, it is if you don't post anything valuable. I looked at people doing crazy things on it - Paolo 4 months ago
True DAT! - Dr. David E. 4 months ago


Sheryl Sandberg gave an unconvincing speech about privacy just when she needed to sound sincere:

Dr. David E. M
5 months ago

I check it only a couple times a month and deleted it from my phone and tablet.

Wayne Alldredge
4 months ago
I have never been on it - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

It is true and scary that FB tracks us all the time but FB is imperative to stay connected with others. Furthermore it is a way to stay abreast with new information all the time. I think that i don't mine that it tracks me and i won't leave FB in the mean time but security is a main concern over there.

Lawrence Loy
4 months ago
I surmise you are not concerned enough? - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
I do concern but not till the extend that inhibits me to explore its benefits as long as the security of data is not breeched. May i know why it is not a good idea of using FB ? - Lawrence 4 months ago
Launch your own website, blog, vlog, etc - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA . True enough! You sparks a great idea. However, to launch your own website, blog, vlog, one must have the essential skills (education). I think continous learning is the key to do so. - Lawrence 4 months ago
I have them - good to know - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

Facebook, like Google, is watching us and knows more about us than we are probably comfortable with. But is that news?

  • For businesses, Facebook remains a good platform to reach your audience and grow your business
  • For individuals, if you need this hashtag to get on board, you are too late. You should have been careful with what you post from day 1.
Bart Groenewoud
4 months ago
It grows the business of FB and G at your expense - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Absolutely, but as a business you may not care about that if your business grows as well. Fair deal. - Bart 4 months ago
Not at all - not in control at all = not good - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Enough control for the situation. Let's not overdramatize. - Bart 4 months ago
CHINA stealing trade secrets! - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
NOT over dramatic - SORRY - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Hundreds of millions of dollars and medical records stolen and breached in the US - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
WRONG - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

The idea that people would cease interacting in the “real world” and live in their devices has played out differently from how we expected, surely; trying to instruct the next generation on the proper way to communicate with each other has never worked out well for the olds. And if you told someone in 2007 that foreign election interference would be as much a worry for Facebook as oversharing and privacy problems, you might be met with incredulous looks.
Other downsides were for the most part unforeseen. The development of the bubble or echo chamber, for instance, would have been difficult to predict when our social media systems weren’t also our news-gathering systems. And the phenomenon of seeing only the highlights of others’ lives posted online, leading to self esteem issues in those who view them with envy, is an interesting but sad development.
Whether some risk inherent to social media was predicted or not, or proven or not, people now take such risks seriously. The ideas that one can spend too much time on social networks, or suffer deleterious effects from them, or feel real pain or turmoil because of interactions on them are accepted (though sadly not always without question).

4 months ago
RUPAK RAY, This is actually what I call "anti-Social"media because of the reasons you enumerated - Edna 4 months ago
Well said - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

As I never really used, it no relevant question. At the moment I not really considering to use it further, as for group discussions I prefer WhatsApp.

Patrick Henz
3 months ago

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