A Survey of Top American Fears! What's Yours?


Survey of American Fears

Not long ago, one of Americans’ top fears was public speaking. Apparently Toastmasters is working; this fear didn’t even make this year’s Top 10 list.

So - What is Your Top Fear?

Speaking in public
Dr. David E. M
37 months ago

2 answers



The survey additionally identified four attitudes essential to motivating ourselves to protect against a fear:

  1. This can happen to me.
  2. This is serious.
  3. I can actually do something to help myself.
  4. Taking action will make a difference.

Dr. David E. M
37 months ago
I prefer the n. 3 - Paolo 37 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

It was public speaking, show emotions and fellings to an audience of unknown persons. I did not like the idea to be the center of the attention. After trainings and several attempts I am now more confortable with this. Now I don't have any big fear, I try to embrace all the challenges.

Paolo Beffagnotti
37 months ago
Thank you; not uncommon - Dr. David E. 37 months ago
After a while, practice will help to be more confortable - Paolo 37 months ago
Congrats - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

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