Can Money Buy Happiness?


Some Thoughts on Money Happiness

It turns out money can buy happiness, after all—sometimes.

Having a good income and the security of money invested for the future don’t insure happiness, of course. They do, however, give us a foundation that can make it easier to find happiness.

So - Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Dr. David E. M
37 months ago

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Not at all, money can't buy happiness. Obviously it is better to have money than not but I don't think that money = happiness

Paolo Beffagnotti
37 months ago
But, it sure can reduce/avoid a lot of misery! - Dr. David E. 37 months ago
And a lot of thoughts too - Paolo 37 months ago
Fer sure! - Dr. David E. 37 months ago
But I won’t change happiness for money, but i would do the opposite - Paolo 37 months ago
Another needless tautology, though - Dr. David E. 37 months ago
Maybe but at the end is not that obvious for everyone - Paolo 37 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

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