What is a Linguistic Tautology?


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The word tautology was used by the ancient Greeks to describe a statement that was asserted to be true merely by virtue of saying the same thing twice, a pejorative meaning that is still used for rhetorical tautologies.

But, what does this mean?

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Dr. David E. M
5 months ago

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A linguistic tautology is a an instance of saying the same thing twice in different ways, or when one word implies another word that is used

For example:
The freezing ice
I'm going to see him personally
  A square shape

Aaron Carpenter
5 months ago
Many thanks. - Dr. David E. 5 months ago

Between 1800 and 1940, the word gained new meaning in logic, and is currently used in mathematical logic to denote a certain type of propositional formula, without the pejorative connotations it originally possessed.

Dr. David E. M
5 months ago

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