Why direct-to-consumer is becoming an important retail channel

What is your experience with direct to consumer? So far, the case of my company is absolutely successful.
Did you identify any specific pro or cons?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
8 days ago

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The first thing is - its profitable. As per a reports online consumer technology sales increased 19 percent in the first three quarters of 2017, propelled by a 34 percent increase in direct-to-consumer sales.

I think better customer satisfaction, more efficient inventory management, cutting third party supply chains, and higher profit margins are few more reasons.

Hitesh Mathpal
8 days ago
I agree with all your points. In the future more companies could adopt this. Will it be enough to close the gaps with the early adopter? - Paolo 8 days ago
True enough! - Lawrence 8 days ago
I agree with DTC does improve efficiency of inventory management! - Chun 6 days ago

In light of recent media reports following December (Christmas) sales, I would suggest returns could have a significant impact on profitability.

Craig Carden MBA MRes FCMI
8 days ago
Agreed. - Hitesh 8 days ago
Which were the hottest categories during the Christmas sales? any idea? - Paolo 8 days ago
Amazon publish their best sellers and given their dominance of the online market I would suggest this is a good starting point for the answers you seek - Craig 8 days ago
Good example about Amazon, yes it is definitely a good starting point - Paolo 8 days ago

The most important point in DTC is the ability to build the brand relationship with the customer. This is vital as influencing the 1st customer to buy from a specific brand is challenging while retain and influence your customer to return and purchase again is even more difficult. Thus brand loyalty is an imperative part for big companies. DTC allows the company to transmit their brand’s story more effectively and relay their message more directly and potently to connect with consumers in a deeper level ensuring brand loyalty to generate a continuous revenue.

Lawrence Loy
8 days ago
It is true that DTC does allows the company to be more focus in the message transmission to their potential customer, but it is not the only way! - Chun 6 days ago

Question seems odd to me. Direct to consumer is a critical channel. For many companies, it's the primary channel. For everyone else, your ability to understand it may be the key to success.

Wendy Harrington
7 days ago

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