What role does technology play in brand storytelling?


Interactive technology helps to improve the engagement, for example digital omni channel making narrative more authentic and focus on persons. One example is Spotify creating micro-site based on data on how music was listened in college and university. The 2017 "how students listen" campaign,

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Paolo Beffagnotti
5 months ago

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Technology does play a pivotal in brand story telling! Technology doesn’t just give people a new way of doing things, it augment the impact of the story behind the brand and allows people to explore more; it gives people a new way of thinking. The biggest impact of technology is the change it creates in people’s perceptions. It is true that technology expands access, speed and productivity, but technology has much more far-reaching effects.

Successful marketing are those that are able to builds emotional resonance with their audience. Technology allows creative advertising process to climb the next level where it involves more complexity than ever, with each platform (Facebook, Instagram and so on) to offer a distinct audience choice, differentiated user behaviour and unique environments to engage in compelling storytelling.

Lawrence Loy
5 months ago
Interesting analysis however I disagree on technology not providing people with new ways of doing thing. I think it does it. - Paolo 5 months ago
Technology does augment the effect of the impact of the story behind the brand but also able to reach out to a more extensive market! - Chun 5 months ago
Right Chun Wei, just don't use the kind of internal tech language. You are speaking with everyone, keep it simple - Paolo 5 months ago

No matter now cutting edge the technology, the fundamental of story telling persist. Experiential technologies could invite the audience to become a part of the story. They drive the audience’s engagement while allowing them to control their experience but the story should retain as the standard arc of exposition, dramatic tension and outcome. Carefully balance storytelling with exposing brand elements is important! Consumer = people are sensitive to being “pushed” a product.

Have a look at this article, what is your opinion?

Lawrence Loy
5 months ago
Good questions. Which is my brand? and my added value? - Paolo 5 months ago
Well said Paolo Beffagnotti! - Lawrence 5 months ago
Marketing is about value awareness. Thus technology aid to transmit the idea but making it outstanding from the crowd. But the first question must be "What does my brand for? why are we valued? Just as what Paolo Beffagnotti commented! - Chun 5 months ago
Two more points: sse simplicity and act as a problem solver and tell a story about this. - Paolo 5 months ago

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