The Best Companies For Corporate Culture In 2018


Do you agree with the results shared at
Do you maybe want to amend these with other ones and why? What is making the difference for those companies?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
9 days ago

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I do agree, especially for the top 3 (Costco, Google and Tmobile) These 3 big giant does creates a positive happy and energetic working environment where they have archived to make their worker feels that working as part of their life, at home, with their family. For example, all 3 company focus on workers mental health which is the essence of a creating a healthy corporate culture!

Lawrence Loy
8 days ago
I had the occasion to visit the Google European office and discuss with people working there, based on that I fully agree with your statement - Paolo 8 days ago
Agree.Mental health is very essential aspect for workforce. - Hitesh 8 days ago
Supporting employee mental health in the workplace is, a growing priority for organisations worldwide to maintain optimum working environment for maximum employee out put - Chun 7 days ago
The more you are fit even with your mind, the better results you will take. This impacts on private life too. Companies are now more aware about this and considering the importance of it - Paolo 7 days ago

Good read. I think few things are common -

  1. Respect and comfortable work environments. Open and collaborative
  2. Free thinking, respect of ideas.
  3. No micromanagement.

However, I like these three bullets mentioned in the article -

  • Diversify your corporate communication strategies and appeal to all learning styles by using different ways to communicate with your teams such as podcasts, coaches and gamification.
  • Develop your leaders. They are a vital part of your business’s foundation, and if they don’t live your company’s behaviors and values from a place of authenticity, no one else will either.
  • Put employee wellness first. Burnt out employees are costly on all fronts.

Hitesh Mathpal
8 days ago
I don't like micromanagement, it is completely against free thinking and sometimes respect of idea too - Paolo 8 days ago
True enough micromanagment might even hinders the company progress as it creates an unhealthy corporate culture - Lawrence 8 days ago
Free thinking and respect of ideas is important not just to promote employee creativity and out of box problem solving tactics but also to maintain company integrity! - Chun 7 days ago

Link broken, appreciate if you could re post . Thanks Paolo!

Lawrence Loy
9 days ago
Yes now. Thanks.Paolo Beffagnotti - Lawrence 8 days ago

No doubt the top companies for corporate culture does focus on employee mental health. Base on the list, we could see that most company does not just make time to listen to their employee but they are transparent with their employee and give employee ways to liberate their stress! For example google encourage their employee to take their vacation so that they could start back fresh!

Chun Wei
7 days ago
That is true, as discused aboved, besides mental health, what else do you think it make a differances in those companies mentioned by paolo above? - Lawrence 7 days ago

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