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Ever wonder why sometime we crave for chocolate or sugary stuff when we are sad,stressed or when we feel pessimistic? Studies shown that our mood does affect our food choice and vice versa. What we eat has a profound effect on how we feel now and later! Check out this article by British dietetic association that comments regarding "food and mood" Any opinion or experience regarding food choices and Mood?

Lawrence Loy
13 months ago

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According to studies - Foods and beverages affect mood and behavior, even in the short term. Research studies that investigate the best overall dietary patterns for good mental health invariably arrive at a conclusion: the foods and beverages that support optimal physical health are the same ones that support optimal mental health.

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Hitesh Mathpal
12 months ago
Makes sense, so not sure why psychiatric practitioners are not promoting basic nutrition advice along with the array of neuro-psychiatric drugs they prescribe... - Sam 12 months ago
Great article with lots of supporting studies! Thanks for the sharring! - Lawrence 12 months ago
Thanks. It seems like increase consumption of healthier food does promote better mood and less anxiety. - Chun 12 months ago
It seems? = very scientific, so thanks - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
yes it is correct, several medicines are used with different flavors and chocolate like taste. Different food ad per need time place taste and with good smell also change mood and improve condition of health. - Er. Jangyadutta 11 months ago
Medicine with different flavors are liked. - J N Das 11 months ago
Especially by children - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
Good article. I think food has a liner relation to the mood. However it may differ from people to people ( my thoughts ) - Maya 11 months ago
And culture to culture, - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
Research has shown that an unprocessed food based diet, including fermented foods to optimize your gut flora, supports positive mood and optimal mental health.For example, dark chocolate, berries, coffee, bananas, omega-3 fats, and turmeric (curcumin) tend to boost your mood, whereas sugar, wheat (gluten), and processed foods have been linked to poor mood. - Hitesh 11 months ago
Sugar High is brief - then CRASH - Dr. David E. 11 months ago

Dark chocolate made with a high percentage of unsweetened chocolate (+70%) contains sufficient theobromine to relax your big, broad muscles which also constrain your blood vessels. It also boosts your serotonin (the feel good hormone). If you blood pressure drops and you feel relaxed and your mood is elevated, the residual sugar in the chocolate will also give you a bit of an energy spike to incrementally enhance your overall feeling a well being.

Terry Wakefield
13 months ago
Great explaination. What is your opinion regarding chocolate and our brain. Any association? Thanks - Lawrence 13 months ago
T is a vasolilator and diuretic and thus tends to lower BP. - Dr. David E. 13 months ago
David E. Marcinko MBBS-MD DPM MBA MEd CMP® Thank you for the explanation! - Chun 12 months ago
U R welcomed. Next time do a search - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
It is a pleasurable topic and interesting that every body shall get changed his mood if chocolate is got. many prefer it and it is also habit of many to regularly taking chocolate ant it has also effect in changing mood when you are getting chance to eat chocolate. - Er. Jangyadutta 11 months ago
Yes chocolate change mood. of people. - J N Das 11 months ago
DITTO - Dr. David E. 11 months ago

In my case chocolate is not doing immediate help in changing moods. While for some reason Thai food (like tom yam, thai ice tea) improve it practically immediately. I assume it comes for combination of smell, light spiceness, and tongue feeling.
Seems it can be very specific to person body metabolism specifics - for example one of my friends was saying he falling asleep from coffee, but stays awake from tea.

Andrey Zolotavin
13 months ago
True enough different body perceive different stuff. What is your experience regarding the type of food that affects your mood. For example, which food you prefered when you are happy and when you are sad? - Lawrence 13 months ago
When sad, tired , upset - do go for Thai (as above) or Indian, lot of smelly spices and tastes usually improving it. When happy - variety of foods, but it is rather on spot decisions. To clarify - I'm not particular patriot of specific food only, prefer variety . - Andrey 13 months ago
Got to try it out! - Chun 13 months ago
Agreed; a test of one [1] - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
It is true when we are feeling bad not mind is not permitting to work more or due to heavy work we are getting tired, at that time when we take tea or coffee just after that we are becoming smart to continue to work for some more time. that means food and chocolate has certain attraction and power or energy to change mood to able us to go on for certain work to do for some more time. - Er. Jangyadutta 11 months ago
tea and coffee actually change mood. - J N Das 11 months ago
Especially when "spiked" with ingrediants - Dr. David E. 11 months ago

According to the Harvard University "The research regarding dietary factors and depression is still inconclusive," says Patricia Chocano-Bedoya, a visiting scientist in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. But there have been hints that food may play a role in depression!!! further studies are needed!

Chun Wei
13 months ago
Agreed; many thanks. - Dr. David E. 13 months ago
Noted. Thanks. As you have stated, what are the scientific hint of food may play a role in depression? - Lawrence 13 months ago
inconclusive = thank you - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
Yes food as per taste smell quality have certain power to change status of mind and health which has also scientific reason. - Er. Jangyadutta 11 months ago
Food and chocolate with good smell create interest in mind to eat more. - J N Das 11 months ago
Aroma entices - Dr. David E. 11 months ago

Many patients of mine reach for sugary or simple carbs under stressful conditions or to satiate their soul. Rare that one would reach for beans or steak for filling up one's emotional void. I have also seen patients who tell me they look for textural foods to eat, perhaps crunchy items, to appease mood issues. Best course of action is to go for a walk!!

Sam Grief
12 months ago
Great insight! - Lawrence 12 months ago
Agree - sugar is a fast high THINK-childhood sugar buzz! - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
Yes some person deny to eat particular types of food as per their choice but some eat different particular food for which they get more satisfaction and pleasure. - Er. Jangyadutta 11 months ago
people like to eat food as per their liking and choice. - J N Das 11 months ago
Interesting observation - Dr. David E. 11 months ago

At home, we all live by the same great guidelines: healthy variety in reasonable quantity.

Treat day is Sunday afternoon + 1 other day: an ice cream cone, cookie, a piece of cake.

Always 3 good meals plus healthy snacks (apples, cheese stick, peanut butter +)

Wendy Harrington
12 months ago
Thanks for replying. What snack would you recommend for different type of mood. For example when some one is facing anxiety problem? - Lawrence 12 months ago
Any herbal tea will likely soothe a person's anxiety, but I would defer to those more knowledgeable. I wish there would be food products with anxiolytic properties... - Sam 12 months ago
I try not to use food to help emotions but am conscious of not making them worse (e.g., sugar.) I'd probably offer something like yogurt (probiotics) or a cruncy apple with peanut butter. - Wendy 12 months ago
Interesting - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
Coffee tea herbal product and food of choice as per selection of particular person as per time place and quality of food can change mood and emotion. - Er. Jangyadutta 11 months ago
Herbal food is good for health. - J N Das 11 months ago
Ganja is herbal? - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
No sir we should take positive things for better expression. - J N Das 11 months ago
OK - agree - Dr. David E. 11 months ago


So, are obese folks happier?

Dr. David E. M
11 months ago
They get happiness out of their choice of food. - Er. Jangyadutta 11 months ago
Chocolate is liking for many also. - J N Das 11 months ago
Agreed, it tastes good - Dr. David E. 11 months ago

 It has been viewed through research and evaluated that there is  potential health benefits of consuming chocolate, where as  no complete view   to confirm about  effect on  medical  for health matter and  chocolate  is high  in coco butter and fat removed during chocolate refining and also  added proportions during manufacturing adding other fats, sugar  and powdered milk as well which has  different  effects   on health   for  eating Chocolate and  consumption of large quantities of  energy-rich food, such as chocolate has also effect. 

Er. Jangyadutta D
11 months ago
Chocolate and reach food should not be eaten in large quantity always.. - J N Das 11 months ago
Especially bad for dogs - intestional torticolus - Dr. David E. 11 months ago

Chocolate is  comfort food  in times of stress and a mood-enhancer and romance-inducer in more positive  ways in which  good chocolate,  dark chocolate, with a cocoa percentage  is good for us  and experts have  found that chocolate is good and suggested that it may be beneficial  for   heath.

J N Das
11 months ago
I didnt know that; interesting - Dr. David E. 11 months ago
I agree with JN Das. Studies shown that cocoa are pack with antioxidant which have a favourable impact on vascular endothelia and improve our immune system. However, over consumption does contribute to the raise of obesity. Reference : - Lawrence 9 months ago

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