Healthcare technology markets: 5 predictions for 2019


Do you agree with these predictions for 2019?

Artificial Intelligence
Paolo Beffagnotti
7 months ago

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This is something that can help - Blockchain in healthcare

Hitesh Mathpal
6 months ago
Good one, thanks for sharing! this is a clear easy explaination of the whole process - Paolo 6 months ago
Interesting. Very informative. - Maya 6 months ago
Agree - but aspirational; not yet reality - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
yes the DSCSA and blockchain study team are working on this now - Paolo 6 months ago
DSCSA = SCM and nothing new here! - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Do you suggest that patients are only widgetss on an assembly or logistics line? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Interesting infographics. Thanks - Charu 6 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

That would be great to save the time of the doctors and have them focusing on the most important cases. Just it is important to clarifynto patients the difference between use chat box to look up information about symptoms and "google" these as someone is doing now.

Paolo Beffagnotti
7 months ago
Paolo Beffagnotti , yes, this would be similar to the introduction of AI to all kind of jobs. First attention: AI, Second: human + AI. The first attention could include that the AI chat-bot has access to the patient data to give a more individual attention - Patrick 7 months ago
How to provide AI chat box to the access to patient data without breaching privacy and keep information secured? - Paolo 7 months ago
True enough. Using AI first to classify then human to confirm. - Chun 7 months ago
Paolo Beffagnotti , the chat-bot must be from the same organization as the one who has the information. For example insurance company. - Patrick 7 months ago
Right Patrick! - Paolo 7 months ago
Insightful! - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
AI chatbot for patients data has to be extremly smart. Its a two edge sword. - Maya 6 months ago
Not to mention liability - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
In any case liability is for health establishments - Paolo 6 months ago
NOPE - Only doctors - There is a prohibition against the corporate practice of medicine! - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Yes, Google is a good example. - Charu 6 months ago

Yes, i agreed especially on "75 percent of healthcare enterprises are planning to execute an AI strategy" this is because it helps to save time and the boost eficiency of health care services provided! However, it might not e an easy task as it is not as economically feasible for lots of developing countries.

Lawrence Loy
7 months ago
Let's start in the main countries, then export the model to the developing countries. As this is based on technology, it is scalable at a certain point. - Paolo 7 months ago
What Paolo Beffagnotti stated is practical. It is best and easier to start with developed countries then diffuse the model to the developing countries since sooner or later it will reach all corner of the earth. It is a matter of time not a matter of feasibility. - Chun 7 months ago
REALLY - EMRs add 4 non productive hours each day to administrative care - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Just EMR did that? However it saves time too - Paolo 6 months ago
No- they do not - - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Have you ever used one? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
* plus 4 = 12 - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
tech in general should save time not the opposite way - Paolo 6 months ago
NOT in HC - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
EMRs = catastrophe - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Have you ever used one?- - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Number 1 cost of MD burnout - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
HITECH = $35-B lost - Dr. David E. 6 months ago


Matthew Liotine, PhD
7 months ago

In general yes, but would expect the introduction of chat-bots, as especially insurance companies try to cut costs and already today try to "motivate" patients to first look up information about symptoms and basic treatments on their portals, before they visit a physical doctor.

Patrick Henz
7 months ago
Internet available since 1996 - Duh! Folks are not that needy - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Internet in 1996 is not comparable to today, not with speed, nor costs. As today's users mostly use flat-line, devices can be connected 24h. - Patrick 6 months ago
The point was portals can be very biased. - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Yes, but doctors, too. - Patrick 6 months ago
Can you sue a portal? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Can the portal remove your burst appendix, etc? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

Agree. I also think big techs such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon can bring more values by inventing a digital healthcare ecosystem. Though, regulators are always a challenge.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
6 months ago
Not regulators; TPAs - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
At least with data treatment, security and analysis these tech companies could support - Paolo 6 months ago
Not without TPAs - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
I don't think set something will be a big issue for such companies - Paolo 6 months ago
WRONG - Do you even know what a TPA really is in medicine and HC? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
well please explain your point of view... - Paolo 6 months ago
Agree Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd - Charu 6 months ago
Third Party Administrator = Health Insurance Company, MC/Md, HMO, etc - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Not a POV - A point of Fact in the USA - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

In a high level - Yes. Very well mentioned. For example - Blockchain. Like any other industry, we have a solution called Blockchain but no feasible solution ( Of a real life use case) has come up.
I also agree with the thoughts on AI. But, I am more optimistic in this space since pattern recognition and big data analytics solutions are coming very good lately. This will defiantly help Healthcare.

Hitesh Mathpal
7 months ago
BC in HC is soooo aspirational! - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA Thanks David. One use case is - Supply chain that holds good for drugs as well. - Hitesh 6 months ago
Maybe, but I think even more for DME - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Blockchain will take some more time. - Maya 6 months ago
Agree; much more time - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Yes, Every sector is struggling to implement Blockchain in a right use case. Healthcare is no exception. - Maya 6 months ago
YES it is - It is far too slow for HC - SORRY - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

Athenahealth's $5.7 billion sale to private equity closes

Athenahealth's sale to two private equity firms just closed, making way for what the company's new CEO says will speed up the industry's slow crawl toward that elusive goal of interoperability.

Athenahealth's new owners are combining the company with the former GE Healthcare company Virence Health Technologies. 

(Modern Healthcare)

Any thoughts? 

Dr. David E. M
6 months ago

I think that combining the experiences of the 2 companies, improved solutions for consumers will be available in the future

Paolo Beffagnotti
6 months ago
GE - really? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Why not - Paolo 6 months ago
Almost bankrupt - - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
yeah you are right - Paolo 6 months ago
Thanks; I know - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

Blockchain is certainly a good move in supply chain. However, pharma and regulators have to make it little flexible.
Another good thing is tech giants treating healthcare is a digital space. Google and Apple are doing some good work.

Charu Gulati
6 months ago
Like What? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

Why Aren’t Google and Apple Saving Healthcare?

According to my colleague, Bertalan Meskó, MD PhD,
the introduction of artificial intelligence, robotics, social media, various sensors and wearables in medicine could save millions of lives and reduce costs at the same time.

There is one question, however, which needs to be answered. Who can and should provide these new technologies for the advancement of humanity?

Tech companies could change healthcare with their knowledge about disruption and could lead the way to medical innovation.
Why isn’t that happening already?

Any constructive factual thoughts?

Dr. David E. M
6 months ago

Have some input?