Does being vegetarian = enviromental friendly and promote a sustainable enviroment?


It has been postulated that being vegetarian contributes to a better environment. What is your opinion?

Sustainable Agriculture
Lawrence Loy
22 months ago

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China - just this one country - puts out more CO2 and methane emissions in one hour than the US purports to conserve in an entire year.

Now, consider the other under developed counties and realize the futility of these so-called well intention but misguided activities?

Dr. David E. M
22 months ago
Great question for thoughts! - Lawrence 22 months ago
No a question - a fact. - Dr. David E. 22 months ago

So many sides that it is hard to focus on any one of them.
I am seeing cricket flour as a new protein source - not vegan?
Grass-fed vs factory farmed?
New research to reduce their methane with microbes?
Vegan diet does not work for everyone.
Vegans can be nutritionally deficient.
Balance is key.
We can make it all sustainable.

Jacquie Walburn
22 months ago
Soybeans for all! - Dr. David E. 22 months ago
True enough! balance is the key - Lawrence 22 months ago
Whose balance? I like the status quo meat balance. - Dr. David E. 22 months ago
Soybeans, David Marcinko? You mean the GMO sprayed stuff that has estrogenic properties with glyphosate antibiotic killing your microbiome stuff? - Jacquie 22 months ago
NOPE - just the vegetable protein that keeps most of the planet alive! - Dr. David E. 22 months ago

There are numerous ways to be environmental friendly and to progress towards a sustainable environment. Being vegetarian is one of the way but not "THE WAY". It is true that there are facts that supports being vegetarian does helps to improve our environment but so as being non vegetarian too! It is vital to look at the bigger picture such as a more serious issue just as what David E. Marcinko MBBS-MD DPM MBA MEd CMP® stated above : Pollution from big cities!

Chun Wei
22 months ago
Thanks. - Dr. David E. 22 months ago
True enough! Any suggestions regarding bigger issue that need to be tackle besides pollution from big cities in order to progress towards a more sustainable enviroment? Thanks - Lawrence 22 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 22 months ago

To progress towards a more sustainable environment, besides looking into pollution, there is a need to look into land and soil mineral issue, massive deforestation and uncontrolled fishery!

Chun Wei
22 months ago
Anything else? - Dr. David E. 22 months ago

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