Are Men Happier With Work-Life Balance than Women?


And …  Is this Survey Applicable to Medical Professionals, Too?

A recent survey on Work-Life Balance revealed that men are happier than women. The survey of 673 workers showed that men are 25% happier at work and 8% happier at home than women are.

Do you agree?

  • YES or NO.
  • Why or why not.

And, is this survey applicable to doctors and medical professionals, too?

Your thoughts are appreciated. 

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Dr. David E. M
37 months ago

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I agree with David, successful people do not have the right work-life balance or miss it during life. This is not a positive point. I disagree with men by nature are not multitaskers, I think now men and women are at the same level. Maybe women have a better work-life balance.

Paolo Beffagnotti
37 months ago
True enough. One could not just classify men generally as not multitaskers as they are men who are good in multitasking because skills could be trained with time. - Lawrence 37 months ago
As in other different area, it is difficult to make generalization for men and women. There are too many different situations, not only in different countries but even in the same one. - Paolo 37 months ago
Multi-tasking is a misnomer. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

Interesting question David.
Is there a link you would share to the survey results? Who conducted the survey?
Thanks in advance. Would be helpful to have more information to answer your questions!

Vera Rulon
37 months ago
Here is the source: But, accuracy is not incumbent in the question. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago
For example: Unlike men, my wife suggests that women can “still have it all”; just not at the same time. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

I'm not sure about the validity of the survey - how it was implemented, analyzed, etc. - but the concept of life/work balance has a very different definition for men. Men by nature are not multitaskers, and by nature are also more driven to succeed at work. This is in general - for men who are not responsible for household activities such as cooking, taking care of kids, major cleaning, errands like dry cleaning, etc.

For men that have multiple responsibilities apart from work, I do believe the work/life balance issue might be equally or more important. Especially in the medical profession where doctors have more then their share of unforeseen patient events.

Doris Walczyk
37 months ago
Interesting: It has been my personal and professional experience that super successful people do not have work-life balance. By definition, “balance” implies the median [average]. Many thanks. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

It doesn't matter whether you are a man or woman, work-life balance is important for each and everyone of us. While there may some out there who feel it doesn't apply to them, but in my experience, I have seen what happens to people when life gets unbalanced. We all get busy with responsibilities, but when our schedules become disproportionate, energy levels often drop. Low energy levels create the feelings that there isn't enough time in the day. We all need regular doses of time for us through exercise, play, work, relationships, and spirituality in order to feel happy and joyful from the inside out.

Sherry Granader
37 months ago
Interesting; just not so sure. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

In my opinion, gender does play a role but there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. For example, the medical specialty itself, the medical specialty working environment and the personality of the medical profession,. For example, if a medical doctor that seek more "out side the hospital time" he/she will attain better work life balance in dermatology compared to a vascular or neurosurgery which requires more commitment to the workload and time, if the medical doctor is outgoing, active, on the move,extrovert, he may enjoy emergency medicine and surgery compared to psychiatry or internal medicine. I think that it depends on if the person him/herself is enjoying what he/she doing, the working environment condition and the economical factor place a great weight in determine work life balance rather than just taking 1 variable:gender into the analysis. What do you think?
*Great question by the way*

Lawrence Loy
37 months ago
But, if the doc selected the more time consuming specialty – isn’t it his/her passion - thus happier! Same thing for in/out hospital time and other parameters! PS: Thanks for the compliment. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago
Yes. I do agree that doctors should select a specialty that is base on his/her passion. But in many parts of the world, medicine is seen as a luxury path to escape from povety. Besides, some choose the specialty base on the specialty income because they need to pay the huge amount of university study debt after graduation. what do you think David E. Marcinko MBBS-MD DPM MBA MEd CMP®? - Lawrence 37 months ago
Well, if poverty is the issue - then any discussion of work-life balance is MOOT. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

Besides, it is important to set the boundaries of work life balance, the definition of work life balance in this context?

Lawrence Loy
37 months ago

I don't think there is a clear answer to this. It depends on work, environment and individual's ability to deal the situations. I think women are better multitasker
Here you asked two things ( Again, it's my observation, very personal ). 
YES or NO.
I would say No, women do work-life balance better ( take this as a survey answer).
Why or why not.
As I said, I think women are a better multitasker. That gives them the advantage to balance work and life. If you can balance work and life, you are happy.

Hitesh Mathpal
37 months ago
I don't believe in multi-tasking but do feel highly successful folks must be very focused, driven and not balanced, until success. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago
I agree with you but I have a different point as well. I think success is a broad term. The example you are giving here falls under the specific bucket. For example, raising a good family can be a success goal for some people. For them, work-life balance is a must. Work-life balance can be a tool for their higher goal. There are various people who work for family goals not only for work goals. - Hitesh 37 months ago
Success is toward the right side of the bell shaped curve; SD 2 or really 3. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago
Thus defined - thereafer the context and/or goal is up to the individual. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

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