Which 3D video animation style is best for startups?


Indeed there are many benefits of using animated ex plainer videos for marketing but there are many styles of animations that works for different audiences. A business person needs to consider all the styles of animations before choosing a single one for their video. it can be broken down into a list of 4 animation styles that I thinks are the best.
·        A screen-cast video: it is cheap but doesn’t have the entertaining factor, it simply explains the viewers’ how a company’s product or services works. It delivers a thorough explanation and is widely used for educational purposes.
·        Cartoons: one of the most requested styles because of the custom designed animated characters. It evokes the emotions of the audience and creates memorable tales at the same time. It can be used if you want to tell a story through the character of the animated video.
·        Whiteboard animations: the most old school animation styles. It uses hand drawn illustrations via a digital platform. It has the strength to explain even the most complex ideas with ease.
·        Motion graphics: it is the art of bringing graphic designs into motion. It uses shapes, letters and patterns to convey a message through elegant movements. You can easily DIY it through YouTube intro maker or hire a company to do the job.
Do you think these three animation styles are the best for business startups?

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Lisa John
32 months ago

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To me, cartoons is the best solution. If you choose the right one for your goal you can bet on the emotional levels. Adults still love cartoons as these remind the time of youth. Screen-cast is not entertaining, Whiteboard animation is engaging but missing cartoons, motion graphics is slow to produce and the format has limits

Paolo Beffagnotti
32 months ago

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