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Content is King, but distribution is Queen (because she's often the one that gets everything done). How do you think of distribution when it comes to your content marketing? How does distribution strategy change when your audience is 0 vs. a larger network?

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Christine Deakers
9 months ago

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Distribution could resemble the thinking of television networks; be consistent - tell them what topic you are delivering and when to expect that content - every time. If I tune into Showtime at 9PM on Sundays, I know 100% that I will be watching "my show"... every time.

Thomas Molfetto
9 months ago

Christine, I have to ask, are you referring to marketing materials as content or a blog or video clip or something else, because although we use a wide variety of content and formats, it all depends on the audience's preferences.

For example, if talking about digital advertising, the ad that follows your search results, your audience is prospective buyers on a path to purchase perhaps. Or someone viewing the cute kitten videos through YouTube, where millions of views are an indication of both popularity and of audience potential.

And there are still some distribution methods relying on print publishing channels.

Can you provide Some guidance to shape responses.

Sandy Waters
9 months ago

If content is posted in a forest and nobody sees it, does it make a sound?

The cold fact is that building an audience is often the most difficult part of the project. The average non-fiction book only sells 250 copies per year. The average podcast receives 141 downloads in the first 30 days after it was posted. When you figure that the successful titles in books and podcasts can have sales/downloads in the millions, that means that there are a lot of titles/podcasts getting nearly zero attention.

Another cold fact is that it can take years to find and build an audience. If you have a large customer base that you can market your content to, then you start with a major advantage.

How do you build an audience? The old fashioned way: promote the heck out of it. Pick a content site that you would like to emulate, and look for how it promotes its posts. How many times does it post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, or other sites about this single post? How many other people are posting on social media about this content? I expect that you'll find a lot of posts on many social media channels.

Promote it at relevant conferences. Promote it in marketing material from your company. Nobody will come and engage with the content if they don't know about it, so you have to spend a lot of time and energy promoting it after you've created the content.

Alfred Poor
9 months ago

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