As a new leader, where should “assess current culture” be on your list of priorities?


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Katie Riordan
6 months ago

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As a management consultant, I often recommend to clients who bring in new leadership that they need to let the new leader perform their own recommended forensic assessment of the company and the areas under the leader's control. The forensic assessment should identify what processes work well, those that do not, and the talents of the people working in those areas. I also recommend immersion in the saes process in a discovery session with other peer level managers to better understand the level of knowledge each group has concerning processes and operational aspects and interrelationships between the groups. Culture should be observed as perhaps a byproduct of the processes, history of actions, and the personalities found in ech area. Understanding the culture allows the new leader to assess needs to change,as well as where the pain points will be.

Sandy Waters
6 months ago
Such an uninformed bloke should not be the leader. - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
There shall be conflict due to group and individual skill efficiency and experience but it should be taken in positive way with group culture then responsibility should be efficiently shared then united contribution shall be more proactive. - Er. Jangyadutta 3 months ago
OK for grunts - Not C Suite - Dr. David E. 3 months ago

New leaders should be doing this informally from day 1. I suspect many leaders will be doing it subconsciously as they look at the changes they introduce and which ones land well and what seem to meet resistance.
As to when a formal assessment needs to take place, well I guess that depends on the other priorities. However, I’d say it isn’t necessarily a ‘first 100 days’ activity.

Nick Wilsher
6 months ago
Agree- first 100 days is key. - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
It is difficult to manage work and to take decisions immediately in work place when more than one leader, but when work culture will be considered skill and efficiency of leaders are useful. - Er. Jangyadutta 3 months ago
Do not confuse management with leadership - Dr. David E. 3 months ago

Assessment of the current culture should be the top priority for a new leader. This will provide a base line from which to design strategic planning, in order to improve interrelationships, improve efficiency , and prolong the prosperity and viability of the organization. It’s an important strategy to understand the dynamics of the work culture and change the negative, nonproductive aspects of that environment to one that induces happiness and eagerness to perform optimally, creating a sense of ownership of the business operations.

Apollone Reid
6 months ago
Agree - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
Yes new leader should accept existing culture and working strategies. - Er. Jangyadutta 3 months ago
NOPE - Should asses and change if needed - Dr. David E. 3 months ago
Leaders lead - they do not "accept" - Dr. David E. 3 months ago

Culture is definitely a key aspect of any organization (formal or informal, large or small).
I agree that its assessment should be continuous; however, it also has to be structured and intentional. For instance, it is easy to get sidetracked by individual events or occurrences from some parts or people within the organization, but this should not define the entire cultural identity - no matter how tempting it is when a new leader is drinking from a firehose, for example.
At the same time, assessing of culture is one thing, redefining and renewing it is another. As a living entity, any organization is evolving, and a leader should maintain its alignment throughout people, processes, culture, and more.

Thanos Kosmidis
6 months ago
Former Facebook employees describe company's cultlike atmosphere - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
Actually in good working culture leader should go along with others for progress in business. - Er. Jangyadutta 3 months ago
Manager "go along" = Leaders change, innovate and disrupt - Dr. David E. 3 months ago
Leaders = Lead - Dr. David E. 3 months ago

As a new leader, a good starting point is to speak with colleagues and study the actual Risk Assessment. Depending on the other risks (and opportunities), the new leader should discuss corporate culture as soon as possible with HR (the assumed facilitator for culture).

Patrick Henz
5 months ago
ORDER: Employees - vendors - customers - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
New leader should follow existing status when he will be involved and coworkers will accept his ideology then he may use his thought - Er. Jangyadutta 3 months ago
New leader should follow existing status = NO NOPE NADA - Dr. David E. 3 months ago
NO - it is not a democracy - Dr. David E. 3 months ago

Below are 3 quick CEO tips for starting to become a Culture-Driven Company

1. Start by training your leaders (if they are open to it) on becoming Culture-Driven Leaders. Culture is the number one responsibility of a true leader. This is an extremely important change in mindset for many leaders who spend a lot of time focusing on the strategy and structure of the company.

2. How many people in your company know your purpose, believe it and live it? The purpose should be short (one sentence) and easy to remember. The purpose should be noble and transcendent.  

3. How many people in your company know what your company values are and more importantly live them? Make sure your values are unique to you and spend time developing, updating or changing them so they are unique. Pick no more than three. Make them easy to remember and do training with your teams to learn and live your values by defining the behaviors that go with each value.

Remember that success or failure in companies is all about people and how they behave (this is the definition of culture).

Any other thoughts? 

Dr. David E. M
3 months ago
Yes training, purposes, value and company colure are valuable for a good leader to manage company to move forward. - Er. Jangyadutta 3 months ago
NO = Leaders do not MANAGE - Dr. David E. 3 months ago

In corporate culture planning strategy management marketing leader has many roles. If proper guidance and skill implementation shall not be followed company progress shall be at stake. So leader should know how to improve group culture and employees will be involved and contribute constructive for all round growth of company.

Er. Jangyadutta D
3 months ago
Except if sales decline = then meaningless - Dr. David E. 3 months ago

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