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Health is a sector governed by many rules and regulations, country by country, how does "Change Health " plan on accommodating these levers within the ambit of GDPR, POPIA and other Privacy laws, apart from the ethical considerations that also need to be taken into account in the process of collecting data and augmenting this data set into valuable, shareable information, #ethics #regulations #privacy

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Koosh Panday
6 months ago

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The healthcare sector is vulnerable to non-ethical behavior, you may see the relative high number of corruption cases. This is not because employees here are less ethical than employees in other industries, but due to the fact that this area has higher temptations (requests for bribery), as high bureaucracy creates corruption to shortcut the various regulations. This based on Donald Cressey's Fraud Triangle.

Similar is also valid for the collecting and processing of information. Big Data promises to understand the patient faster and elaborate the required treatments. Of course it also tempts to maximize the profit, what may be not compatible with the individual's best interest.

Societies, governments and companies have to discuss AI's Ethics and also who is the default-owner of data. The healthcare practitioner, insurance company or the patient?

Patrick Henz
5 months ago

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