Approaches to develop disruptive ideas


Which initiatives have shown to be the best approaches to develop product ideas which have disruptive potential?

Innovation Strategy
Disruptive Technologies
Disruptive Innovation
disruptive thinking
Disruptive Strategy
Disruptive TechnologienDisruptive Technologies
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Innovative Thinking
Idea Creation
Idea Creation and Development
Preben B
6 months ago

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The potential for large scale industry disruption is the in model of open innovation and it's basic method of collaboration. If two companies each possess a portfolio of intellectual property, and the sum of the IP together can disrupt a market or an industry, they should capitalize on the opportunity. An example where cross licensing has appeal could Tesla licensing it's systems and batteries across several vertical markets beyond automotive, which could lead to partnerships and third party companies formed for the opportunity to address a new market.

Seimens is another company that has acquired or developed technologies then formed companies to pioneer in the marketspace to spawn additional products. Both are examples of companies that have developed technologies alone or in collaboration then formed extended relationships to bring the products to new or existing markets.

Sandy Waters
6 months ago
It comes down to MAKE or BUY - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

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