Can AI Achieve Measureable Risk Reduction Routinely Yet?


Is AI being used effectively today to reduce risk taking in routine use and what Measureable results are being obtained? What specific areas is AI being applied that show the improvement in outcomes? Are there any AI companies providing concrete use to reduce risk taking and who are they.

Assuming some companies are using AI to determine risk and ways to mitigate it, are they achieving reliable and accurate information, upon which they can depend on in assessing the risks, and perhaps alternatives.

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Sandy Waters
6 months ago

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AI still in many areas at initial stage, good things - ate least users become aware of AI and it's benefits. In industrial meaning not yet i heard of solutions/providers reducing risks

Andrey Zolotavin
6 months ago

Digital Twins are virtual models of physical processes, factories, machines, etc. AI not only collects information, but also converts it into Smart Data to predict different scenarios and calculate likelihood and impact. Today, this gets used to predict failures and so manage maintenance programs.

Patrick Henz
5 months ago

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