How technology will impact aging population in the future?


Indeed smart home will support, different devices can take care of what people can no longer do or perform with difficulties. It helps to be independent.
Healthcare robot to identify changes in people behaviors and expressions.
Use predictive model to understand when people could need assistance as they are at risk.
Virtual care. Contact doctor through video calls and take the advantage of technology such as face scanning.
Virtual wallet to protect from fraud.
Keep people as part of a community, no matter if virtual.

Aging Services
Paolo Beffagnotti
9 days ago

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Our current and future aging populations will benefit from the evolution of such home and like intgrated services such as Alexa and Google Home that have abilities not yet fully harnessed. Home and health monitoring, reminders for appointments and medications will become commonplace as the programmability of those systems eters a simplified stage where selection of options will solve many of the features ease of use obstacles are overcome.

Aging populations are more tech savvy, willing to learn beyond the capabilities of their phone to include features found with Alexa and others. They value connectivity including video chat, social media and voice conference calling and value systems for security, as much as their ability to easily communicate with products and services that they need.

Sandy Waters
7 days ago
Right, aging people is more tech savy now and can have access to more online medical opportunities as compared with just few years ago. E.g. Hearing enhancements. visual solutions using virtual reality for visually impaired (catarats and severe myopia). Further solutions for the monitoring of sleep and heart rate for example. - Paolo 7 days ago

The new Aps to check blood glucose levels for an elederly diabetics and blood pressure fluctuations . These Aps can be connected to the cell phones, so they monitor the day to day and even hour to hour changes of the blood sugar and blood pressure for the diabetics or hypertensive elderly.

Ehab Fawzy
7 days ago
Heart rate and ecg single lead monitoring via Bluetooth and phone communication can anticipate potentially life threatening situations. - Sandy 7 days ago
Thank you Sany, very true - Ehab 7 days ago
and it is easy to keep the record tracked and analyze the evolution of the status. You will not take any risk to miss information. - Paolo 7 days ago

Reduction of weak physical conditions tear and wear by digitalisation of services, however person shall use free time for moderate physical and mental exercises (by the way there technology must play a role). Electromechanical devices and sensors can help in reduction of accidents and early notification of medical services. Well known examples of loneliness feeling prevention devices (mech-pets) in Japan. Technologies to help in recovery after temporary disability.

Andrey Zolotavin
7 days ago
Agree, it is interesting not just to use technology for strictly medical reasons but to develop moderated physical and mental activities. There are many opportunities available now, I am using some of these in different area and with different purposes and they work well. - Paolo 7 days ago

I fully recognize the import of this question. However, I would be remiss not to interject there are digital healthcare solutions that should precede facial imaging predictive modeling. That to which I am referring is digital healthcare exams. Long before the body expresses pain and/or potential chronic or fatal diseases there exists today technology, which will enable medical providers to see and manage changes in bodily organs. The cost benefits are potentially remarkable. That said, predictive modeling that anticipate healthcare need has its place within healthcare

John Matthew Douglas
7 days ago
Predictive models are useful but we need to pay attention to some details. More data does not necessarily means more insights, we need to estimate this in the right way. One predictive model can't cover everything. - Paolo 7 days ago

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