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What do you see as the biggest challenge to the success of a retail pharmacy in the current medical market environment? If there was one thing that you could add to the system that would help make the role of a retail pharmacist better, what would it be?

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Robert Faller
55 months ago

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Hi there
I think the main challenges of the retail pharmacies are
1- High overhead /running costs
2- Low mark-ups especially in highly regulated provinces.
3- High prices of medications especially when the insurance coverage is not existing or very low.

Ehab Fawzy
55 months ago
Thanks, Ehab. Much appreciate your perspectives - Robert 55 months ago
Pretty normal for most retailers - Dr. David E. 53 months ago

Lack off personal touch and respect. Everyone wants things for the lowest price possible. We have cultivated a society the only thinks of the bottom line and has no desire to develope relationships

Patrice Carter
55 months ago
Thanks, Patrice - excellent response! - Robert 55 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 53 months ago

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