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What are key considerations for brands as they allocate budget across the multitude of digital channels (display advertising, Facebook, SEM, mobile apps, onsite overlays, email marketing, etc.) to drive ROI, brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately online sales?

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Terri Mock
7 months ago

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In present market brand awareness is highly appreciated at the same time if product is already experimented with customers satisfaction.

Er. Jangyadutta D
5 months ago

Report: Cox Enterprises nearing $3B deal to sell its TV stations

Atlanta-based media giant Cox Enterprises Inc. is in talks to sell its TV stations to Apollo Global Management LLC for nearly $3 billion, CNBC reported citing unnamed sources.

"Cox Media Group and Apollo are also discussing some joint venture agreements for Coxs broadcast station in Atlanta, where Cox is headquartered and also has radio stations, the sources said," CNBC said. (Atlanta Business Chronicle)

Any thoughts?

Dr. David E. M
4 months ago

The key consideration for brands looking to advance in the digital marketing space is thankfully [phew!], not as daunting as it once seemed.

Decisions can be made with ease once the brand answers the question, "What does success look like, for you?" Each digital channel has something unique to offer. Whether it's an exclusive audience demographic, a particular user-experience, or a platform known to be superior for lead generation and data-building - there are ideal choices for every brand.

When it comes to deciding, "Where in the world of digital asset[s] should we choose to invest." - we can find answers by being aware of - and depending on - the competitiveness of our specific industry in the digital space.

On a personal note [while I may be old-school], I favor investing in at least one or more digital avenues that will stimulate organic traffic. That goes for my own small business, as well as my clients' campaigns. Alan Santillan, Marketing Specialist at G2 Crowd, more effectively illustrates my sentiment here in his CMSWiRE feature:

"With over 40 percent of revenue being captured by just organic traffic, the importance of SEO and content marketing
in competing is more clear than ever."

Catherine Mangan
3 months ago

Quite old fashioned answer, depends where its potential target group is active.

Patrick Henz
3 months ago

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