New Technology Effect on Health Status


What types of technological interventions do you think would best help improve an individual's health status?

Technological Innovation
Carolyn C. Tinsley, MHA CLSS GB
24 months ago

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Hi Carolyn,
I am going to take you in a different direction. Obesity and the chronic illnesses directly associated with it (including diabetes and cardiovascular disease) are the biggest health threat in the USA today. The trends among youth and minority populations are particularly disturbing.

My premise is that most Americans have no clue how many calories we are eating at any given meal or the total for any given day. Every study I have come across links obesity directly to calorie intake due to poor food choices and poor portion control. Imagine a technology that could quickly and conveniently give you a read on what you are consuming.

With AI and smartphone cameras I believe there is a technology intervention opportunity out there. We all see how many millennials take photos of their meals before they eat. Imagine if the photo was analyzed and told you how many calories were in the meal and drink photo you just snapped.. If you are trending over your limit it might suggest you change portion size or skip the Bearnaise sauce. If you are way under your guidelines it may offer you the option for a dessert or another beer or wine.

Private tracking capability and positive reinforcement via your smart phone would be a way to make a positive habit change, without a 'fad' diet.

kind regards,
John Molander, P.E.

John Molander, PE
24 months ago

I believe we are moving in the director of sensor-based medical monitoring for the masses. We already know that diabetes monitoring can connect with your phone, as can some pacemakers, heart monitors for pulse and abnormal cardiograms, and of course exercise monitoring a la Fitbit. It will not be long before we have added additional sensors for continuous monitoring of temperature, electrolytes, medication levels, PO2/CO2, EEG patterns related to abnormal bran waves, and other indicators of health status. Artificial Intelligence in the form of a Personal Digital Assistant will monitor and alert the user and potentially their healthcare providers of situations requiring assistance. This same set of technology applications will be used for people with or without pre-existing conditions, elderly patients living alone, and for those people who are outside of their home sphere who need medical services. We awill be better connected, and better cared for in the not distant future.

Sandy Waters
24 months ago

Reduce EMF/Wifi/cell phone exposure.
Studies show EMF is seen by the body as a stressor that turns on sympathetic nervous system into fight or flight stress response activating stress hormones & opens calcium ion pathways flooding cells causing inflammation inside. There are many symptoms - like headaches, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, rising cortisol & blood sugar, Constant exposure leaves the system stuck in the on position so the body loses it's parasympathetic rest & restoration phases shutting down upper brain function, digestion, & more leading to more problems. It has also been proven to cause DNA mutations as well that have even more consequences.

Minimizing exposure can be done with some simple fixes - move router out of your bedroom, turn off wifi at home at night, hardwire if possible, cell phone on airplane mode or off at night,....

Jacquie Walburn
24 months ago

I agree with Jacquie regarding the effects of EMF on the body. The best intervention is to remove all devices out of the bedroom for a better night's sleep. Another habit to get into is to take time OFF each day from electronic devices and put mind and body in airplane mode - !

Sherry Granader
24 months ago

The Health Nucleus ( has new technology that can identify disease risk factors and diseases at the very earliest stages. This involves a full genetic profile with whole genome sequencing, in-depth scans of the brain, heart/blood vessels and other organs, complete microbiome and metabolome analysis resulting in 150 gigabytes of personal health information.

The technology includes:

  1. Full-body non-contrast MRI used to detect signals of solid tumor cancers for further evaluation (excludes cancers such as skin, breast and cancers of GI tract, including colon).
  2. Specialized brain MRI scan which can give data relating to brain injuries, signs of dementia and other brain disorders.
  3. MRI can measure percentage of liver fat, as well as visceral abdominal fat, giving you and your physician insights into your health status
  4. MRI provides insights into the major functional aspects of the heart (excludes evaluation of the coronary arteries) related to diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

In all, the Health Nucleus technology is the most complete preventive exam available anywhere. It has been reported that 60% of individuals undergoing Health Nucleus testing have shown new health risks (such as early stages of cancer, vulnerable aneurysms, etc.) in otherwise healthy individuals.

Roy Vartabedian, DrPH, MPH
24 months ago
Sounds great but that is a lot of radiation. - Jacquie 24 months ago
The technology they use is actually radiation-free. The MRI scanners at the Health Nucleus are 3 Tesla (or 3T) with the latest hardware and software upgrades to enhance detection capabilities and reduce scan time. These MRI procedures are non-invasive, radiation free and do not use any contrast dye. - Roy 24 months ago
Fabulous! Makes a big difference. - Jacquie 24 months ago

Michael Fullam-Stone, PhD
24 months ago

There are technological strategies to mitigate the effects of EMR (EMF) in a domestic residence, including:
1.    Purchase a home that is distant from EMR transmitters such as overhead and underground HF power lines, mobile cell telecom transmitters and relay station, radar, etc.
2.    Avoid or minimise in-house generated EMR, e.g.,
a.    WiFi systems, becoming common to many appliances, e.g., TV, entertainment, refrigerators, video entry and security systems, vacuum cleaners, etc.
b.    Micro wave ovens, induction cook tops and similar appliances, and
c.     Minimize the use of cell phones. Use speaker phones and keep them at arm’s length.
d.    Regarding cell phones. There is some question whether or not a hand free, ear bud, extension is or is not, advantages. True it can distance the phone (if not in your pocket) but some claim it can concentrate the EMR signal along the hands-free cable.
e.    Turn cell phones off during private, meal, family, relaxation times and sleep. It has message answering systems so why keep it on.
f.      Don’t carry your phone on your person next to critical body organs, e.g., heart, liver, kidneys, bladder, prostate, ovaries, etc.
g.    Several companies make a self-adhesive patch screen, that they claim reduces EMR to the cranium by 90%. I use one, but have yet to see evidence of effectiveness.
3.    Hard wire network to avoid in-house generated WiFi transmissions
4.    Turn off WiFi when not in use.
5.    Increase distance between signal emitter to life entities. the young may be very vulnerable.. This is surprisingly very effective.
Investigate signal strength from neighbours WiFi Systems which may be detrimental.
There are also psychological treatment and practices which may mitigate harem from EMR signals, such as: mediation, stress dissipation, psychological healing and re-energising, workshop of the mind, etc. Techniques which I teach.
I am Michael Fullam-Stone of MetaMind®, Canberra, Australia. I am:

  •       a doctor of psychology specialising in the psychological enablement of health, happiness and high performance, including stress dissipation and management,
  •       a Chartered Professional Engineer, with one specialization in energy,
  •       a seeker and sharer of knowledge and wisdom,
  •       a proponent and advocate of health and enlightened eupsychian cultures, and
  •       a T4 cancer survivor, so I take these matters seriously, you should too.

Live healthy and enjoy life. Life is too valuable, precarious and short not to.

Michael Fullam-Stone, PhD
24 months ago
Love that you went further than I did in how to reduce EMF exposure. Nice job. There are also botanicals that remove damage & even 'deflect it' so researchers have stated. - Jacquie 24 months ago

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