Do Good CEO’s value people with divergent views and opinions in their leadership teams


I have typically seen that once people reach Top positions there could be a tendency to feel that the companies achievements are a direct result of the Top leadership.CEO’s would typically feel that it is they who have brought the success and have the right idea on business strategy.While this looks good to them in the short term and they tend to get overconfident on their competency and knowledge that sometimes they get intolerant to any divergent view within the organisation just gathering “ Yes men “ around them.How does a organisation cope with such a situation, how does the leadership team ensure this is avoided

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Vikas Chadha
8 months ago

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A solid answer here would take a book. Suffice it to say that executive "echo chambers" are a slow death waiting to happen in competitive industries. The best leaders tolerate strong, competent subordinate leaders with their own notions about ways the company might move toward the future. Capable CEOs will be adept at providing an overarching process that unleashes the creative, planning, problem-solving power of their leadership team while keeping the overall planning and execution process on the rails with process discipline, mutual respect, and performance accountability. "Hearing" everyone doesn't mean maintaining a democracy where everyone gets a vote. Consensus is comforting but not always possible or necessary. If folks are respected and rewarded for effectively managing their own areas of responsibility and contributing to senior team deliberations, good things will happen with a solid CEO who also dependably handles their responsibility at the helm!

Don Barefoot
8 months ago

There are a long list of CEOs that surrounded themselves with 'yes people'. Many of them appear to end up in court! Power corrupts.

Top executives must have people around them that challenge their views. Healthy debate makes for a vital organisation.

David Cottrell
5 months ago

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