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Today publishing content selection is data driven by editors, popular stories are promoted and refreshed based on consumer behaviour and popularity.

How can we use AI to understand what will be popular tomorrow and generate the best possible content that meets consumers' future needs?

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Keith Walker
6 months ago

2 answers


Just "click Bait"

Dr. David E. M
26 days ago
How can we use AI to understand what will be popular tomorrow = silly predictions! - Dr. David E. 26 days ago
Right. - Charu 25 days ago

AI can only tell you the trends. And these trends are always "MAY". It may tell you the future trends based on past data-set. Just the prediction. 

Writing of articles should be always by authors. This is one part where a lot of thoughts, individuality and human angle involves. So as goes to editing. 
We are talking articles, not manuals. 

Hitesh Mathpal
26 days ago
Exacly - woulda coulda shoulda = May - Dr. David E. 26 days ago
Yes, AI is to predict. We are no near to singularity. Telling whats gonna happen tomorrow and writing an article about this is "Singularity". - Charu 25 days ago
Bio medical engineering and neuro linguistics - Dr. David E. 25 days ago

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