Which PERS do I choose?


With all the Personal Emergency Response Systems on the market today, how would you go about evaluating
a PERS in communicating to the adult child(ren) of a senior in need?

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Craig Morrison
28 months ago

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A big issue with using ERS with seniors, is that most do not begin to use these items until they are already unsafe at home along, many times at the urgence of family or caregivers, and they forget to wear them. I can't tell you how often I visited patients whose well meaning families had purchased these for them, and they didn't have them on. I would vote for a waterproof wristband over the traditional necklace versions. Maybe an alarm on the charger that would remind them to remove the PERS in the a.m. and recharge at night. Response time and cost are considerations, so being covered by insurance would be a factor. Fall detection.

Lori Williams
28 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 22 months ago
NIght light, buzzer, and cell phone - Dr. David E. 21 months ago
Alarm Mace, too - Dr. David E. 21 months ago

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