Authenticy in Talent Branding & Acquisition


What role does authenticity play in all of your communications with people that you might want to hire at your company?

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Andrew Wilkinson
38 months ago

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Authenticity is paramount. Authenticity is about being sincere. It is a key ingredient to building trust. We like and do business with authentic brands. We promote people we trust and see as authentic. Candidates looking for jobs do the same thing. They are sizing up companies and want to know the culture. Candidates use sites like Glass Ceiling to peer into what was once an opaque boundary between the company and themselves. What are they looking for? A great experience. A chance to be proud of the place at which they work and to trust those they work with. They are trying to authenticate their experience before it starts.

Brad Federman
38 months ago
Brad: I just answered before seeing your response. Our answers are strikingly similar....So, Andrew I think we must be on the mark if we both independently said the same thing - Ellen 38 months ago
Now that is funny. You are right they are very similar. And I agree great minds... - Brad 38 months ago

Authenticity is paramount. The track record on making the right hire is already pretty low. It is counter productive to offer a candidate a sugar coated vision of the organization and have them find out otherwise when they join.

Hiring is an "open system." People are able to leave any time they want. The cost of re-hire can be as high as 1.5x the position's annual salary, not to mention the hit to morale for the folks that are at the job.

Also, in today's age of internet available info, it is very likely that before a candidate comes to speak with you they will have already looked at the comments people have left on sites like glass door. So, they will already have some knowledge about what you are trying to hide.

Hiring is the most important activity a company undertakes. The wrong talent can severely hamper a company's progress. Best to find the right people, and treat them honestly from the start

Ellen Raim
38 months ago

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