What's the UX / UI principles for AR, VR and MR?


There are a lot of UX /UI principles for web design and app design. How about AR, VR and MR?

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Augmented Reality
Dominique Wu
48 months ago

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  • Think beyond the interface.
  • Storytelling is more important than anything else
  • Create an immersive environment instead of just interface
  • Both visual and audio design is important. Take full benefit.
  • Color considerations are more important than the traditional website UX
  • Lighting design is an important aspect that UX designers have not been traditionally exposed to. Its like designing a set or something practiced by architects.
  • Go slow with transition between real world and virtual. A sudden and big shock in the transition will turn off users
  • Create multidirectional experiences with a decision tree like AI. If users do not like or choose a path, lead them to thier custom experience
  • Know your user before, during and post interaction. Since experiences are more immersive and involves more human senses than traditional digital media, knowing a user is more important for a UX designer.
  • Start with an idea and then detail it. Do not start with an interface and features.

Himanshu Bharadwaj
48 months ago
Well-articulated inputs Himanshu Bharadwaj ... - Dr Sai Kavitha 45 months ago
Valuable information provided .This course is aimed at designers, developers, and content creators who are looking to learn or enhance their skills when designing for AR and VR. Despite this being one of our advanced courses, it contains beginner, intermediate, and advanced material. Unlike other AR and VR design courses that dwell on introductory content, we quickly move beyond the basics. - Jatindranath 17 months ago
Hi Himanshu Bharadwaj Very good answer. Best! - Marcio 17 months ago
VR/AR is all about three dimensions, and the user interface is no longer confined to a flat rectangular screen or surface. So, it’s essential to understand spatial design and spatial UI elements a little better - Jatindranath 17 months ago

The UX / UI designing part is important as a good presentation of a website is vital for its eventual success. Make sure that your sales-page boosts of eye-catching designs for giving your website maximum chance to make it count. In my opinion, hire an ecommerce web designing agency that can offer you the best support in this regard.

Muneeb Qadar
45 months ago
A UX designer is concerned with the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function. - Jatindranath 17 months ago

In fact, there is no UX or UI specifically develop to AR,VR. Some of them as design rules for digital design can be applied to AR and VR, however as the technology progress, new principles specific to that technologies are needed. Great question.

Marcio Dupont
17 months ago
User interface (UI) is the specific asset users interact with. For example, UI can deal with traditional concepts like visual design elements such as colors and typography. - Jatindranath 17 months ago
Hi Jatindranath Indeed, however new UI assets have to be develop for AR VR technologies. Best! - Marcio 17 months ago
UI elements have a specifically assigned space within the environment and do not move. - Jatindranath 17 months ago

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are quickly becoming huge areas of technology. AR and VR hardware and software is changing dramatically, UX principles and techniques for 3D interaction design will remain consistent, meaning that it is becoming increasingly important for UX designers to know how to create amazing VR and AR experiences. Designing for 3D experiences will require completely new ways of thinking about UX design and the question is that you are well equipped to tackle this new field of design and AR and VR need to be easy to use in order to provide users with experiences

Jatindranath Das
17 months ago

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Antonio Prikolov
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Naina Abbas
15 months ago
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Roshan Philip
13 months ago
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Andrew Stevenson
8 months ago
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Steven Johnson
5 months ago
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