What's the UX / UI principles for AR, VR and MR?


There are a lot of UX /UI principles for web design and app design. How about AR, VR and MR?

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Dominique Wu
21 months ago

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  • Think beyond the interface.
  • Storytelling is more important than anything else
  • Create an immersive environment instead of just interface
  • Both visual and audio design is important. Take full benefit.
  • Color considerations are more important than the traditional website UX
  • Lighting design is an important aspect that UX designers have not been traditionally exposed to. Its like designing a set or something practiced by architects.
  • Go slow with transition between real world and virtual. A sudden and big shock in the transition will turn off users
  • Create multidirectional experiences with a decision tree like AI. If users do not like or choose a path, lead them to thier custom experience
  • Know your user before, during and post interaction. Since experiences are more immersive and involves more human senses than traditional digital media, knowing a user is more important for a UX designer.
  • Start with an idea and then detail it. Do not start with an interface and features.

Himanshu Bharadwaj
21 months ago
Well-articulated inputs Himanshu Bharadwaj ... - Dr Sai Kavitha 18 months ago

Dominique Wu, Being working with a web design agency. I consider that you asked an important question. Technologists are observing a massive change in future and as soon as possible, Artificial Intelligence will completely integrate into the design and development industry. By the way, I found a related bog ( UX Guidelines For Augmented Reality) I hope this will help you.

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Brenda John

Brenda John
21 months ago

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Muneeb Qadar
18 months ago

The digital and technological landscape is constantly changing, and in many ways accelerating. Designers tasked to come up with innovative ideas have to keep track of what is trending and where the creative opportunities are. Recognizing the changes that are occurring in the industry will help designers design smarter and make more informed creative decisions.

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InnoTech S
4 months ago

VR design principles
01.  3D interfaces in VR design
02.  Lower resolutions in VR design
03.  Think print design - in VR
04.  Controls and buttons in VR design
05.  Safety in VR design
06.  Comfort in VR design
07.  Sound in VR design
AR design principles
01.  The user’s environment in AR design
02.  Light and sound in AR design
03.  Motion and safety in AR design
04.  Consider development tools for AR design

MR design principles
01.  Personal space in MR design
02.  Never use 2D assets in MR design
03.  Clear UIs are essential in MR design
04.  Consider development tools for MR design

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abdul aziz
4 months ago

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Directions A
2 months ago

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