Social Media Pitch, the new Junk Mail?


Lately, I have seen an increase of unsolicited sales pitches from people I don't know who don't know the industry I am. Yet they send a message stating how they can help grow my sales team or how they can increase software development. There are a number of other sales pitches that come through, but what happened to an introduction and learning about the person and what they do? Wouldn't this make for a better conversation?

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Christopher Thomas
9 months ago

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Hey Chris, it sounds like unsolicted InMails or messages / connection requests via LinkedIn. Unfortunately, lousy sales people are simply using these new, shiny tools to spam prospects and connections instead of (like you said) introducing and having a conversation, first. Simply missing the trick!

Kelvin Lee
9 months ago
Kevin - I agree, the customer experience, human interaction has left the building and we are left with junk mail in our Inboxes. Spend a little time to understand what people do and if your services/products make sense before sending an unsolicited email that completely misses the mark. - Christopher 9 months ago
Agree - Dr. David E. 30 days ago
The PITCH is a BITCH - Dr. David E. 26 days ago

Hey Christopher - I'll bet this is through LinkedIn. (At least this is where I am getting the biggest increase in unsolicited pitches - people using the "spray and pray" method.) I wish I could say that they are reading my posts and making a direct leap to "knowing" what I need and pitching me on it. In truth, it's spam and should be treated as such.

Bobbie Carlton
9 months ago
Bobbie - Yes most of the spam is coming through LinkedIn. Seems like alot more lately than usual. I enjoy connecting with people but the immediate onset of I can help your business messages can get annoying. Especially when they haven't taken the time to see what I even do. - Christopher 9 months ago
DITTO - Dr. David E. 30 days ago
The pitchers hould grow their own business - Dr. David E. 26 days ago

If prospective clients don't answer their phones, it's necessary to try to get hold of people via other routes. LinkedIn is now the preferred option. Some people are thorough in their research, other less so.

David Cottrell
26 days ago
If prospective clients don't answer their phones, it's necessary to try to get hold of people via other routes = BADGERRING . - Dr. David E. 22 days ago
PESTERING ! - Dr. David E. 22 days ago
As long as it isn't rodgering - David 22 days ago

I think social media provides you more options to choose / block the unwanted communication then email. You don't have that control on who sends junk to your email inbox.
However I agree with a lot of fake profiles, ghost accounts and proxy users, social media junk is increasing day by day,

Hitesh Mathpal
26 days ago
And most of the platforms are not cleaning themselves. Sometimes Facebook and LinkedIn walls are filled with just useless content. - Charu 25 days ago
FB get off - Dr. David E. 22 days ago

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