How much autonomy for our team members?


Hi, friends! I often wonder how much intellectual autonomy we as leaders want in our senior support team.

What's the right balance to cultivate between them following us as the leader or authority figure and them thinking for themselves, outside of the parameters that we set as the project leaders?

An easier way to put it is that I don't know how much I want them thinking for themselves, but I know I need them to do a lot of that if we are to be successful. Where's the right balance for you?

Brian Barnes
26 months ago

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We focus on complete alignment on values. So when there is an a business decision that does require my involvement, I try to bring it back to that. We use an acronym of FAST Focus, Accountability, Speed, Teamwork. In one way or another this framework can be applied to any problem. So, we are authoritative about values and vision and looser about decisions, tactics and actions. I'm not saying we never get it wrong, but that is the north star we talk about.

Thomas O'Malley
26 months ago
Tom, thanks so much for interacting with my question. Where did you come up with that structure? - Brian 26 months ago

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