Future trends in Conversational AI


What are the key trends driving the adoption of the conversational AI in various use cases ?

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Anand V
47 months ago

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the future trends will include the semantic analysis based deeper answers and will incooperate data based context support including collaborative filtering, trajectory information retrieval, etc.

Yucong Duan
47 months ago

One of the key trends driving conversational AI, is the explosion of voice-assistants and home-based smart speakers. Consumers are adopting smart speakers an order of magnitude faster than they did the smartphone. The result is that organizations and brands that embrace this "Conversational Commerce" will be poised to develop emotionally engaging relationships with their consumers.
It has been reported that more than four in five consumers have used voice assistants for seeking information (82%) and this number will only increase in the coming years.

Frank Mendoza
46 months ago
Alexa and Siri are super popular now. Furthermore MIT developed an interesting chip allowing "devices to run powerful artificial-intelligence algorithms locally, rather than uploading data to the Internet for processing". Source: - Paolo 46 months ago

As mentioned by Yucong, semantic analysis is one trend to understand the emotions of the users. Conversational systems starting from basic queries (e.g. information about location, weather, local news) and moving to deeper data is another one. Robots become advisors. AI chatbox will help consumers to easily get the replies needed.and become the company interface. Interactions will go more to virtual reality based on voice and gesture instead of written text.

Paolo Beffagnotti
47 months ago
Great Paolo, I fully agree with you that Robots will be more like advisors. Another trend ahead will be the individual robots will be grouped and socialized to form communities to enable the exchange of data, share of information and co-creation of knowledge. - Yucong 47 months ago
AI can support creating auto learning system working not just on direct input. The virtual teaching assistant developed by Georgia Tech is a stunning example, - Paolo 47 months ago

Have a look at this website for AI in robots that are built to support the elderly in a culturally sensitive manner. AI-Speech is a key component of this: These robots combine non verbal and verbal inputs they receive into interpretation of the emotional state of their interlocutor, and adjust their verbal response accordingly, and within cultural context.

Bart Groenewoud
47 months ago
Very interesting website - Yucong 47 months ago

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