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  • What products can be used for hair growth in a natural way?
  • Advantages of natural products in Hair Care?
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Abhishek Raj
69 months ago

2 answers


The only "natural" hair growth products of which I am aware are light based devices...since light is based in nature. Otherwise, I am only aware of drug compositions.

There may be other natural products that could be applied to scalp or consumed, but they would need to be approved as drugs in order to be able to legally make hair growth claims.

Michael Fruhling
69 months ago

Nutritionals can be helpful with Hair growth eg
Biotin, amino acid Agrinine; Vitamin A, B and E are known to be beneficial for the health and growth of all body hair. Vit C can also be good.
However these will only help if there are “live hair” follicles.. If you have no hair follicle then regrowing hair is very hard especially with OTC options..
Light base devices are also helpful - but again you need a hair follicle to stimulate.

Michaela Griggs
69 months ago

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