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Does your place of business have an established dress code? What are you attempting to accomplish in either having one in place or not addressing the topic and what do you believe are the benefits/prices of having those expectations as a requisite for employment?

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Susan McNeal Velasquez
47 months ago

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Hello Susan,

In my company, we do not have a special uniform or dress code. It is only when we go to our clients for briefing and presentation that we wear corporate shirts and vests.

When it comes to Corporate Dress Code, I think it can be quite beneficial for a company specially if this company has many interactions with their clients.

Having a dress code can actually distinguish your company from the others. If you want to position yourself as a more high-end company, a black dress code with very slick dashes of color can be one of the elements to give that positionning effect.

Apart from that, dress codes can be a great advertising format for your company, specially if the employee commutes or moves around a lot.

This is the way we distinguish delivery people coming from FedEx or any other mailing/shipping company. Plus instead of spending lots of money on classical advertising, dress codes can actually be a good way to raise awareness on your brand, and it will probably cost you much less.

Louis Rached
47 months ago
Louis, thank you for your clear and concise message on how a dress code can send a strong visual advertisement and I appreciate you mentioning the effectiveness of elevating the importance of image management when interfacing with clients.. - Susan 47 months ago

Working for a sport company we do not have an established dress code with just few limitations. Maybe avoid fancy dress when attending or meeting with external people, do not wear anything from competitors. I like this way, it provides you with freedom every day. Obviously we have access to discounted products from our brand.

Paolo Beffagnotti
47 months ago
Makes perfect sense to expect discernment from employees regarding wearing other brands! Since so much branding is a part of sports clothing/shoes etc. it sets a standard that your employees need to be 'awake' when choosing what they are wearing to work :-)! - Susan 47 months ago
Our typical sporty dress is a kind of corporate dress code,, especially as we usually wear products that are still not very popular on the market. We forestall the trends in some ways. - Paolo 47 months ago
Love that extra 'head of the curve' factor that may also give your employees a social leadership role as trend setters! Thanks Paolo. - Susan 47 months ago

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