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What do you feel is most relevant for emerging businesses to know and understand in their first few years of business with all of the disruptive factors in today's economy? It seems as though there are many businesses that emerge on the forefront then dissolve far too quickly because of a missing factor and in today's world, we are seeing many large businesses that are no longer sustainable.

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Patty Soltis MBA BS
17 months ago

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Your Unique Selling Point and your revenue/cost structure

Bart Groenewoud
17 months ago
Thank you and agreed, Do you feel as though most think that they have a unique selling point? - Patty 17 months ago
Hi Patty Soltis MBA BS - I don't think so. Some take an existing experience from a employee to a contractor situation. And I see many others have the great idea, but lack the business skills. Very few are both creative (creating the USP) and commercial (setting up a strong business). - Bart 17 months ago
Ideas trumps b-skills - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
If started business is not based with requirement of the user available and adequate business strategy planning and marketing process not adopted that business may small or large shall not sustain. - Er. Jangyadutta 6 months ago
Like the Green Energy Movement; w/o externalaties - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
In most of time Companies fail to motivate employees to continue their cooperation. So employees support is also required for sustainability of company. - J N Das 6 months ago
  • have a business plan
  • define your market and know it including competitors and opportunities
  • set up an ideal price and be honest on what you can commit
  • use PR
  • protect your business and have an identity
Paolo Beffagnotti
17 months ago
Great feedback? How would you rate each one of these points and prioritize them? - Patty 17 months ago
have a business plan, define your market and be honest on what you can commit are the top ones. Having an identify and PR will facilitate your job - Paolo 17 months ago
Yes these are valuable factors for sustainability of a business. It is necessary to look in to planning management location customer quality of product and how it should be popular and used by users. If these are properly considered business will continue. - Er. Jangyadutta 6 months ago
Marketing, Advertising and Sales planning - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
The cause of disruption is the fulfillment of want of customer need in the market by the Companies to become popular and grow with their ability to build relationship with customer for long time as per their satisfaction. - J N Das 6 months ago
No - disruption is not abaut customers - at all! - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
D = a new way of thinkg or doing - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

One missing factor that often isn't included is the aspect of a sustainable plan that not only addresses sound principles but also includes how you can create your business so that you can love it past the initial excitement and passion that is often the impetus to take the leap to create a new business in the first place. When the excitement wanes and unforeseen problems arise will you have a clear purpose established that can remind you why you are doing this in the first place? Something bigger than you to focus on that supplies a certain level of 'sanity' because you are clear that this is the way you intend to contribute your gifts to your world.

Susan McNeal Velasquez
17 months ago
GREAT POINT! Many love it when it is "fun" and when it gets "hard", they lose their energy and enthusiasm. What recommendations do you have for sustainability? - Patty 17 months ago
Hi Patty, Sustainability and authenticity are 'kissing cousins" in that ego driven goals resonate to "more, bigger, better" plans and the not so obvious inner work has to do with realistically looking at what you excell in and what is your Achilles heel, so that you can attract people and services that will take care of the aspects of the business that are not your strong suit. - Susan 17 months ago
Thanks Susan! What a great expression "kissing cousins"! It always serves a leader best to work with others to balance the strengths of the team, in addition to the leader realizing there is only so much time in the day. Spend time on the things that will drive the business and not sustain it. - Patty 17 months ago
Nice - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Exactly it is needed to work for business with dedication and team work such as you have done some work for others. at that time it will be easy to contribute business as service looking in to quality of product and price as acceptable which is required for better use. Then business may sustain and your contribution will be regarded as justified and continuity will for worth use of people. - Er. Jangyadutta 6 months ago
What up with worker's unions? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
New businesses are built on understanding arising problems with available resources, and reuse the products they sell. - J N Das 6 months ago
STILL - What up with worker's unions? Good or Bad? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

Disruptive factors for any business can be small, causing tweaks to improve the marketability of the product or service, or large, such as competition with readily increasing market share.

Several things are relevant for an emerging business: know your market, know your customer, know your competitors, and know what your next product is going to be in case the first one peaks early and suffers a rapid decline in sales.

One of the most acute problems with emerging businesses is timing. You can be too early to market where market acceptance is just too difficult to overcome. Many products and some services have suffered from this situation, and are unable to survive without another product more precisely timed with the market needs and demands.

Sandy Waters
17 months ago
Timing and luck, too - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Whatever may be the competitors and may be products amply available, the behavior of Business manager and marketing strategy planning and management are always considered when quality of material is good and price is reasonable and product is available easily. Always customer will think a profit should be in his favor. If once customer will be satisfied with a brand always prefer such brand. - Er. Jangyadutta 6 months ago
Do a SWOT Analyis and determine strategic competitive advantage [SCA] - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Business can develop with new relationships forming between businesses and customer as interdependence. - J N Das 6 months ago
I do not want to be interdependent with any company? Do u? Who would except employees. CHEESE - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

It has been experienced that sustainability of a particular business absolutely require to adopt proper business plan and adequate market planning considering location of business where to continue whether the product is marketable there or not. Again it is required to maintain quality of product always good and reasonable rate should be charged so customer shall accept popularly and material should be easily available to the customer. Always Company should take care about popularity of brand name with standard good, so that when you will start a new company at that time customer shall easily accept that product in brand name so business shall sustain for long period in same name or new name in same place or in new place.

Er. Jangyadutta D
6 months ago
Where does BP originate? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
One firm can get profit from another’s waste, or several firms can benefit through flexible supply chain relationships built on common interest. - J N Das 6 months ago
Off topic - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Again - Where did BP originate? Any ideas?- - Dr. David E. 6 months ago


A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances.

The term was defined and phenomenon analyzed by Clayton M. Christensen beginning in 1995. More recent sources also include "significant societal impact" as an aspect of disruptive innovation.

Any thoughts?

Dr. David E. M
6 months ago

A industry become disrupted due to by non-traditional competitors and direct competitors  when they do not understand whether their product is relevant or not and their product is acceptable to customer as per business model specification or not and on the other hand they should  adopt  effective strategies  for sustainability of business through choice of customer and need of market.

J N Das
6 months ago
Is it an induistry - or a singular company with a product, service or idea that disrupts an industry? - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
Yes service or idea if not targeted success and fail continue became disrupted. - J N Das 6 months ago
OK, maybe - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

Two basics of business ideas -

  1. Find an idea and make it a need for users.
  2. Find a need and create a solution around.

Whatever you do rotates around these two. The business those die early death is sometimes because of poor planning, bad execution or wrong timing.

Whatever you do don't get emotional with your venture. May be this failed venture is a foundation venture for next big thing.

Hitesh Mathpal
6 months ago
Exactly poor planning and bad execution disrupt industry. - J N Das 6 months ago
YEP - disruption can be good OR bad - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

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