How to write a message that requests significant commitment


What are your top tips for when you have to write a message to a client or internal stakeholder in which you ask for a decision that will require significant commitment of time, budget and/or resources.

Among your considerations, please comment on

  • Use of language
  • Use of both arguments and emotions
  • How to prepare, write, review
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Bart Groenewoud
47 months ago

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  • Use the four Cs of effective communication: Clear, Consistent, Convenient, Compelling
  • Identify your goal and be as specific as you can
  • communicate to the right audience a message that will appeal the interest
  • highlight key messages
  • have a clear understanding of your message and be prepared for questions
  • use facts not rumors
  • communicate with empathy
Paolo Beffagnotti
47 months ago

I would first identify the most appropriate person or group of people or department who has experience or expertise in the project I'm asking them to commit time to developing, or providing funding for, committing resources or providing constructive feedback for. Then I would write the benefits of the program or project but integrating what the project or program will do or provide when completed if the funding, resources or manpower time commitments are provided or authorized. I might also add a few examples or point out what would or could happen if the funding, manpower or resources were not provided or authorised.

David Barckhoff-Sag-Aftra/Producer, Director
47 months ago
Hello David Barckhoff-Sag-Aftra/Producer, Director: understood, but what specials techniques would you apply in the written communication to make the SWOT you mention come alive, and pertinent in a way that you will make the addressee make that commitment? - Bart 47 months ago

When writing a message to a client or internal stakeholder in which I must ask for a decision that will require significant commitment of their time and resources, I begin by asking specific questions that are crucial to the project or situation's success. With the use of positive language and succinct arguments, I prepare a well-organized note that is concise and to the point. It must be made clear as to what we can expect to happen with each decision made, both good and bad.

Sherry Granader
47 months ago
Hello Sherry Granader, how do you go about asking these questions if it is written communication? I see the value, but am curious about how you would go about it. - Bart 47 months ago
Asking questions of the client, for example, generate an open discussion in my experience. It also is an opportunity to bring up topics or areas of concern that may not have been addressed before. - Sherry 47 months ago

Identify your target and highlight different topics based on this. As you mentioned the language will be different, for example business and legal do not speak in the same way. Ask specific questions, do not have the floor open to generic replies. Foster emotions to stimulate reflections and then comments.

Paolo Beffagnotti
47 months ago
Hi Paolo Beffagnotti, this is generically all true, but what would you recommend as specific top tips? - Bart 47 months ago

Found this today - good read

Bart Groenewoud
46 months ago
Thanks for sharing this Bart. - David 46 months ago

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