Panel looking at mobility issues for elderly


Transportation is and will continue to be one of the most significant issues for older adults as they age. Technology is continuing to advance which might help solve this issue- such as driver-less cars. The other factor is having towns incorporate more free or low-cost bus services. What are some of the barriers facing municipalities offering more transportation? How likely will technology help solve some of the problems facing older adults?

What do you think currently are the top three issues facing older adults and what services need to be in place?

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Susan Swartz
47 months ago

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  • physical barriers such as stairs or other architectural limitations
  • technological barriers. Typical case is a traffic signal changing too quickly
  • lack of accessible parking spaces

Technology tools such as sensors, camera and streetlights as well as shared and on request transportation offered by app based services could help.

Paolo Beffagnotti
47 months ago

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